Oct 27, 2012

ready for Mission 36

the buddyroids goes on strike! its bad for the Power Custom

Mission 35

it's the debut of LT-06 & TateigamiLiOh

after the Busters got attacked by the mysterious lion megazord Masato & Kuroki know who it is the lion is TateigamiLiOh created by a professor named Hazuki Saburou who has a wild personality & used to work at the EMC plus developing the Buster Machine

when the trio try to find Hazuki they spotted a girl getting  chased by Enter & the Buglars they saved but the girl was rude to them they ask her where Hazuki is just as she reveals that he died & she is  Hazuki Mika Saburou's daughter she hates the Busters & the fact that Rai-Oh fought them on its own will

while Hiromu tries to fight Rai-Oh but it was too strong so they retreated with Hiromu thinking that Rai-Oh can help them but Mika won't give up Rai-Oh

meanwhile Masato was looking at the archives that was left behind by Hazuki as Mika tells Rai-Oh that it will never be taken away as the Busters go to Mika to fight Rai-Oh Enter appears to get it so Yoko & B.J. was left behind to fight Enter with her Power Custom

as Ace & Rai-Oh fought Mika explains why she hates the Busters  is because she thought that Hazuki was cut loose & abandoned by the EMC & that Rai-Oh was built to take them down but as Ryuuji & Masato explains Rai-Oh's true purpose is to be the dock for Ace since Ace & Rai-Oh was developed by Hazuki as Rai-Oh shows its true form to fight Ace as the two hit their last punch Rai-Oh was defeated which mean that Rai-Oh accepted the Busters but Enter & his megazord  Epsilon appeared to stop them but Ace is low on Enetron so Hiromu goes to Rai-Oh to form TateigamiLiOh to beat Epsilon

as Hiromu removes the controller which has a message made by Hazuki before he died for Mika to thank her for taking care of his work but to let the Busters take care of it as the Busters heads back to the EMC
i like Rai-Oh its big & awesome

Oct 20, 2012

ready for Mission 35

Mizuki Ichiro makes an appearance & the debut of LT-06 & TateigamiLiOh

Mission 34

Masato gets the spotlight

after the debut of the Power Customs the trio tries to find a way to locate the Messiah cards fast as Masato sneaks in from behind to play jokes but as the trio are a little more fed up with it since the megazord won't arrive for two hours

as Hiromu was on patrol he saw Masato & B.J. playing with a group of kids
but Hiromu & Nick had to ruin the fun as the two are fed up with them while the Messiah card landed on a puppet to create Puppetroid with B.J. losing enetron so it can't fight as it controls people with its right hand just the Puppetroid controlling Masato to fight the trio but the Puppetroid retreats with Masato

with B.J. refueling on Enetron the other megazord is approaching as well as the first megazord as Hiromu say that he will fight Masato to teach him a lesson but B.J. reveals that Masato acts childish to hide his sadness

with the first megazord arrive B.J. Ryuuji & Yoko has to fight it while Hiromu fights Masato as the two fought Hiromu tells Masato to stop acting like a child Masato tells him how hard it is to lose his friends at the subdimension at the hand of Messiah but Hiromu tells him that they should hold the pain together

with Masato out of the control of the Puppetroid thanks to Nick Hiromu morphs to his Power Customs to beat the Puppetroid with Masato admits defeat to Hiromu

as the two came to help out the others to beat the megazords a mysterious machine appears as a lion as the lion zord damages the megazords so the Busters shuts them down the lion zord attacks the Busters as well as they are confuse to know what happen
good ep & gives lil more detail about Masato :)

Oct 13, 2012

ready for Mission 34

is Masato the enemy?! Hiromu vs Masato

Mission 33

it's the debut of the Busters Power Customs

with Enter survived the explosion from the Subdimension he now reveals his latest scheme the fight with Hiromu was a plot to back up Messiah & turns them into cards with the first card is used to make Sunadokeiroid to make a sand portal to convert the humans into data for Messiah as he explains that they have to destroy the remaining 12 cards as they scattered everywhere which is turn to a game

just as Nick was getting the people to safety he saved a girl from falling to the pit but Nick got pulled in as he was telling Hiromu something important & got turned to data just as Gorisaki calls them to get back to EMC he tells them about the protectors that Yoko & Masato wore a while back & the thought maybe he can use the buddyroid's power to convert them to data to make the power customs as Usada tells them that they wanted to defeat the Vaglass as badly just as the trio do so Kuroki approves but it have to take time but Hiromu's visor is complete

Escape confronts Enter about what he did to the cards just he threatens her his eye glow red which made her back away as the Sunadokeiroid invades the warehouse to collect more data it was stopped by the Busters(with Masato breaking the fourth wall)

as the Busters fight Sunadokeiroid his voice change with it reveal to be Messiah's voice as the trio made a vow to beat the Vaglass to make sure no one else will go through the same thing ever again as Hiromu saves Nick to transform to Power Custom as Ryuuji & Yoko's visors were complete Gorisaki & Usada joins them as they got the Power Custom with their new powers the trio manage to beat the Sunadokeiroid & the card was destroyed

Masato & B.J. wants to celebrate & tells them that there is also the megazord they have to deal with as well
this episode is awesome & i like the Power Customs glad that the buddyroids get to be in battle with their partners