Oct 27, 2012

Mission 35

it's the debut of LT-06 & TateigamiLiOh

after the Busters got attacked by the mysterious lion megazord Masato & Kuroki know who it is the lion is TateigamiLiOh created by a professor named Hazuki Saburou who has a wild personality & used to work at the EMC plus developing the Buster Machine

when the trio try to find Hazuki they spotted a girl getting  chased by Enter & the Buglars they saved but the girl was rude to them they ask her where Hazuki is just as she reveals that he died & she is  Hazuki Mika Saburou's daughter she hates the Busters & the fact that Rai-Oh fought them on its own will

while Hiromu tries to fight Rai-Oh but it was too strong so they retreated with Hiromu thinking that Rai-Oh can help them but Mika won't give up Rai-Oh

meanwhile Masato was looking at the archives that was left behind by Hazuki as Mika tells Rai-Oh that it will never be taken away as the Busters go to Mika to fight Rai-Oh Enter appears to get it so Yoko & B.J. was left behind to fight Enter with her Power Custom

as Ace & Rai-Oh fought Mika explains why she hates the Busters  is because she thought that Hazuki was cut loose & abandoned by the EMC & that Rai-Oh was built to take them down but as Ryuuji & Masato explains Rai-Oh's true purpose is to be the dock for Ace since Ace & Rai-Oh was developed by Hazuki as Rai-Oh shows its true form to fight Ace as the two hit their last punch Rai-Oh was defeated which mean that Rai-Oh accepted the Busters but Enter & his megazord  Epsilon appeared to stop them but Ace is low on Enetron so Hiromu goes to Rai-Oh to form TateigamiLiOh to beat Epsilon

as Hiromu removes the controller which has a message made by Hazuki before he died for Mika to thank her for taking care of his work but to let the Busters take care of it as the Busters heads back to the EMC
i like Rai-Oh its big & awesome