Nov 24, 2012

ready for Mission 40

its a Masato & B.J. focus & finally learn about the truth of Masato's body

Mission 39

the Busters meet a little kid who can kick ass

in order to locate the Messiah cards fast the EMC uses the media to get the people to send emails about the Messiah card they recently got a email from a 10 yr old boy at a dojo name Kenta earlier fought some black-belts with his gloves change to red thanks to the Messiah card 

as the Busters arrived at the dojo Kenta knows they are here so he tries to leave before Ryuuji & Yoko caught him as the two ask him if there's a Messiah card around but Kenta denies it and he leaves but was stopped by Enter as he bows to the boy since he refers to the gloves Messiah as the Busters tries to protect Kenta so he can get a way but as the Buglars approaches him Kenta fights them as he beats them up really bad so Enter retreats

so as Ryuuji talks to Kenta he gave him back his books about engineering Ryuuji like that Kenta wants to become an engineer but as Kenta explains his problem that he doesn't want to be a karateka but he has to so that he can show his father how strong he is on his own so Ryuuji gives him a pep talk just as Kenta punches Ryuuji that when he got controlled by Messiah  as he gave innocent people the same gloves so he can fight them

as Escape arrives & wants to fight Ryuuji but she has to fight the others so that Ryuuji can save Kenta as Ryuuji & Kenta fight Messiah demands his data as he punches Ryuuji Messiah gathers data but Ryuuji tries to to tell Kenta to follow his dreams once Kenta regain control of his body the card transform into Karateroid meanwhile the other fight Escape as Hiromu & Yoko uses their finishers Escape was saved by Enter who prefers not to lose to her at his "game"

as Ryuuji fight the Karateroid he overheats which made Gorisaki to leave due to the heat as Ryuuji hits the metaroid he passed out while Yoko finishes it with the Lio Blaster as Hiromu & Masato fight the megazord used the Resolution slash to shut it down

after the ordeal Kenta finally got the strength to tell his father that he wants to be an engineer at which he approves as Kenta thanks Ryuuji for helping him someday Ryuuji might get a kouhai
its been a while to have a Ryuuji focus episode

Nov 17, 2012

ready for Mission 39

the Busters meet a little boy who might know about the next Messiah card

Mission 38

let's get ready to rumble with Ace

Masato wants to go to a MMA fight but there was a megazord transport so Hiromu goes to fight  it by himself until Ace was into a boxing ring with commentary & Enter this match started with Type Alpha megazord

while the other 4 Busters try to find a way to get Hiromu out of the dome Ace fights Type Alpha & beats it so Hiromu tries to leave but Enter refuse to let him go until he beats all 4 of the megazords

with that a tag-team of Type Gamma & Beta came & it became a handicap match as the others keep trying to free Hiromu, Ryuuji uses the Lio Blaster to shoot the dome as the Beta megazord destroyed Gamma is by itself at first

as the Delta megazord arrives it became a handicap match again as they cornered Ace with Hiromu at his limit for fighting them for too long to the point where his Buster suit is damaged as Enter tells Hiromu to just give up but  Hiromu refuses to give after all of things he has done to get him this far

as the others find out about the dome Ryuuji suggest to try a new combination with Rai-Oh so they created Go-Buster King so they freed Hiromu from the dome & to get the Domeroid as Ace & King fight the Domeroid King defeats it  & shuts it down

after Hiromu & Nick got checked up Masato wants to go to the MMA fight since the event was moved to the next day but Hiromu doesn't want to go see a ring again that was until Masato flipped the ad that showed a wrestler with a chicken mask which made Hiromu freeze
best episode so much robot action thank goodness its not pay per view :P

Nov 10, 2012

ready for Mission 38

Ace is in a megazord death match can it win

Mission 37

here come's the bride all dress in black?

when Yoko was walking up to the main room overhearing Ryuuji & Usada talking about her not having her first crush even she already did have one with her teacher Hasegawa Mamoru and he invited her to his wedding which made Kuroki, Usada and Ryuuji acting suspicious & protective of her meanwhile Escape is trying to find the remaining Messiah cards before Enter does

as Escape founded the next card activated to Tiararoid to gather data about love of a bride as the Busters fought it before Escape came to protect her as the Tiararoid makes havoc at weddings a megazord is transporting in 20 hours which is also the day of Hasegawa's wedding  at a warehouse Enter stops by while Escape is transferring data to her body as he demands the Tiararoid but Escape as other plans as he saw her body he knows it might not work out well as he bid adieu to her

the next day Yoko reunites with her teacher though Ryuuji's over protectiveness got in the way as Hasegawa understands the situation as he is willing to do a fake wedding with Yoko as the bride which makes Ryuuji more worry about her as the wedding commence everybody is surprise to see Yoko in a wedding dress but the metaroid didn't appear so they have to do it again

but out of nowhere a woman in a black wedding dress appears as Hiromu & Ryuuji ask her if she is to get married here but it was Escape as she shoots the venue as Hasegawa tells Yoko to be careful with the megazord arrived Hiromu has to fight it while the others have to deal with Escape & Tiararoid as Messiah's voice appears & Escape protects it from the Busters Escape transform to a new form thanks to the upgrade called Escape Evolution as Enter watches on to see how it would work out with her

while Hiromu was battling the megazord with the help of Rai-Oh Ryuuji & Yoko used the Power Custom to fight as Ryuuji defeats Tiararoid as Yoko weakens Escape as she ask Escape why she cares for Messiah so much as she explains that she & Yoko are the same when wanting to protect someone important then Hiromu manages to shut down the megazord

after Yoko came back from the wedding and caught a bouquet Masato tells Ryuuji that she's all grown up as Yoko thinks one day she will find true love who will truly love her
i love this episode especially Escape entrance in her black wedding dress & in slow motion