Jan 31, 2012


so a week ago or so i ask a question on tumblr if i can call Marvelous Marvey-nyan? but he said no because its something close to what Basco would call him. but look what Joe & Ahim did to him XD
if you have a tumblr ask him your questions
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another random sms

another random sms post since today is the last day of january:^) 11 months to go :O

Jan 30, 2012

watching Fourze at school

so today i was watching Fourze ep 19 at school during 5th period & while watching my friend seems to like Kamen Rider Meteor than Fourze and he gave me an idea that what if Fourze has a wind state switch. he also think that greasers has taken over Japan due to Gentaro's look. so what do you think? what would Fourze look like if he had a wind state?

Jan 29, 2012

random Gokaiger pics #2

here’s round 2 of the gokaiger pics★
Untitled 8
Get him!
what are you looking at?
what are you thinking Gai?
before unlimited reward
keep on pushing Joe

trying out live writer

I’m just trying out windows live writer Smile

ready for Gokai 49

with 48 ends now i can't for 49 with a 5 in 1 tribute to the sentais who's grand power got stolen from Basco ^_^


Gokai 47 & 48

the moment you all have waited for my review on Gokaiger ep 47 & 48. the duel between Marvelous & Basco. so let's start with 47. Sally got betrayed by Basco so the pirates let her stay in the Galleon. with that Marvelous kinda feel sorry for the monkey since he went through the same thing. 
He remember when Basco was taking care of him & he wanted to be like Akared. Joe came to check up on Marvelous & tells him that its a trap. then he talks to him on how Marvelous has a habit of recruiting anybody to the ship. 
Sally however was trying to steal the treasure box but was conflicted if she should do it. when Sally gives the box to Basco it was empty the monkey sided with the Gokaigers for their kindness. So Basco told them that he planted the bomb on Sally so Marvelous tries to save him but it exploded & he got brutally injured in the process. 
the other 5 got so pissed off & fought Basco but lost. Basco went to the Galleon with the Gokaiger keys & has everything need for the Uchuu Saidai No Otakara even Navi.
 on to 48 with Marvelous hurt, Basco has everything can’t get more worse. Navi manage to escape but then Basco use the Gokaiger keys to look for Navi.
while the other 5 sneaks into the Galleon but has to fight the clones but they won the fight. Marvelous remember the piece that Sally has & use it to save him.
with that the big duel began throughout it all the fight was though & really epic the two collided with a blast but  Basco thought that Marvelous lost but in the end Basco lost the duel & Marvelous won thanks to the same piece that saved his life not once but twice.
the Gokaigers are now glad that they won & now they have all 35 grand power including the ones that was stolen from Basco & their own grand power. then they walk back to the Galleon for a big dinner.so i think that this the best 2 part episode ever ^_^ so only 3 episodes left till the end.

Jan 27, 2012

Goseiger the good,the bad & the weird

when I think about Goseiger I think about Tensou Sentai Goseiger. So here's what I like & I don't like about the show. What I like about Goseiger is that  they use 3 different villains that led to one main villain.they are the 1st sentai to not have evil clones of themselves & they are unique in their own way. the bad is that hmm.... well some of the episodes that didn't make sense to me while some episodes do. the main villain(which i can't pronounce or spell) is used way too much. some people find Alata annoying but that's who he is since the skyick tribe are way too optimistic like Eri. the weird is when Eri reveal their identities to Nozomu's dad while they were stuck at a cave or when the Gosei boys talk about Nozomu's mom & what she looks like. either way i like Goseigers for who they are & they are angels after all. 

can't wait for Gokai 48

oh man i can't wait for part 2 of the Basco vs Marvelous showdown!! what's going to happen next?!

Jan 26, 2012

i love the dance cover

i was browsing on youtube & found the video of shinkenger vs go-onger movie ed dance cover. they are really awesome with the costumes match & the dancing right ^_^ 
check it out.

watching Gokaiger at school

i was watching Gokaiger ep 41 at school during my 5th period class with my friend. he watches power rangers as i do. though i think he might like this show (are the gokaigers cheaters since they use other rangers'powers?) this is an anniversary after all. we even argued about gokaigers XD


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First sms post test random :P

Jan 25, 2012

toku blog help

since i'm still newb at doing a toku blog i was wondering do any of you guys have any advice or tips on how can i make it better?  comment if you want :D

Happy birthday 亮太

since this is a toku blog i want to do a toku actor birthday post. i want to say Happy birthday to the actor who plays as Gokai Red/Captain Marvelous,Ozawa Ryota for some reason he looks like a cat when he smile(which is kinda cute.りょにゃん?) so 誕生日おめでとう亮太 ^_^ i should called him the King of the Pirates!!(sorry Luffy ^_^;)

he actually open my gift

Jan 24, 2012

Marvelous's love for food

Captain Marvelous loves food sooo much that he'll take food out of someone else's plate XD even take 1 donut from Doc. what surprises me is that he never gains weight (he's like Yui from K-On!) but if someone ruin his meal time then he will be mad as hell. NEVER TAKE HIS MEAT FROM HIS PLATE EVER!! yet he still never had his curry rice since the 1st episode. maybe someday he will get his curry
never answer questions related to food
he cares about taste
no curry no life

Jan 23, 2012

random Gokaiger gifs

here's some gokaiger gifs 
don't touch me

what are you peeking at?

just shut up Gai
what the heck
thanks to animehenshin http://animehenshin.tumblr.com/

Tensou Sentai Goseiger single review

this review is going to be on Tensou Sentai Goseiger opening & ending. performed by Project R. this single also has 2 karaoke version as well. l like the songs its good & i like the music as well. Gotcha✩Goseiger has two versions even the Goseigers version. so for this single i would give this 5/5 & i would recommend it too:)
remix ^_^

Jan 22, 2012

happy lunar new year :)

i want to wish all of you a happy lunar new year ^_^ the year of the dragon :D also i'll do 2 gokaiger episodes in 1 review next week since its two parts so hope you get your red envelopes ^_^

Jan 21, 2012

random Gokaiger pics

out of boredom here's some Gokaiger pics :) 

Gokai change

Luka thought up an idea

tora neko 

thank you


Break the Chain review

this review is going to be on Kamen Rider Kiva's opening Break the Chain. performed by Tourbillion. this song is unique because of the violin part & i love the solo. i love the song alot since Kiva is music theme as well. i love the message of the song "don't be afraid the world is your stage" for this single i would give this 5/5. 


this review is going to be on Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & W featuring Skull Movie War Core's single HEART∞BREAKER. this single is performed by the collaboration of  Maki Ohguro & Koji Kikkawa DaiKichi~ 大吉~. i like the collaboration of the two with a rocking atmosphere. it also  has a jazz & ska versions & a karaoke version as well. i love the single(though i haven't watch the movie yet T_T) i would give this 5/5 :) so check out this single ^_^

Jan 20, 2012

Sonozaki Wakana Naturally review

this review is going to be on Kamen Rider Double's insert song Naturally. this single is performed by Asuka Rin (Sonozaki Wakana). this single includes the healing edit version, the opening & ending from Wakana's Healing Princess radio show & 2 karaoke versions. i love this single, Rin's voice  is unique & perky at the same time. i love the part when Shotaro & Philip was dancing to this song XD. i would give this single a 5/5 & i would recommend it too :)

Jan 19, 2012

Gokaiger Otakara Soundbox review

this review going to be on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Otakara Soundbox soundtracks. i like the music composition in the soundtracks. the bgm is used very well within gokaiger. one of my favorite track is Rhapsody in Blackwing because of the beautiful saxophone playing by Yuuki Gai in the Jetman tribute ^_^ the soundtracks includes tv size versions of the opening and endings and instrumentals of the songs as well. these soundtracks includes a mini gokaiger side story which i love. i give this a 5/5i hope you'll listen to these soundtracks :)
first cover

second cover

third cover
final cover

Jan 18, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger single review

this review is going to be on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger single. Opening performed by Project R's Tsuyoshi Matsubara while the ending id performed by Project R. it also includes 2 karaoke versions as well. i like both of the songs the opening give a rock feel while the ending gives a techno feel. the ending is like the super sentai's version of the pokerap. even I have a hard time naming all 34 sentais :P i would give this 5/5 & i would recommend it as well :) 

Engine Sentai Go-onger single review

this is my first music review on super sentai. this review is Engine Sentai Go-onger single it has the opening & ending first rap with 2 karaokes, performed by Project R's Hideyuki Takahashi. the single is awesome, i like the opening & ending with different styles used in them. the ending has multiple versions with different engines. i would give this single a 5/5 ^_^ so i would recommend this to those who love go-onger :)