Jan 29, 2012

Gokai 47 & 48

the moment you all have waited for my review on Gokaiger ep 47 & 48. the duel between Marvelous & Basco. so let's start with 47. Sally got betrayed by Basco so the pirates let her stay in the Galleon. with that Marvelous kinda feel sorry for the monkey since he went through the same thing. 
He remember when Basco was taking care of him & he wanted to be like Akared. Joe came to check up on Marvelous & tells him that its a trap. then he talks to him on how Marvelous has a habit of recruiting anybody to the ship. 
Sally however was trying to steal the treasure box but was conflicted if she should do it. when Sally gives the box to Basco it was empty the monkey sided with the Gokaigers for their kindness. So Basco told them that he planted the bomb on Sally so Marvelous tries to save him but it exploded & he got brutally injured in the process. 
the other 5 got so pissed off & fought Basco but lost. Basco went to the Galleon with the Gokaiger keys & has everything need for the Uchuu Saidai No Otakara even Navi.
 on to 48 with Marvelous hurt, Basco has everything can’t get more worse. Navi manage to escape but then Basco use the Gokaiger keys to look for Navi.
while the other 5 sneaks into the Galleon but has to fight the clones but they won the fight. Marvelous remember the piece that Sally has & use it to save him.
with that the big duel began throughout it all the fight was though & really epic the two collided with a blast but  Basco thought that Marvelous lost but in the end Basco lost the duel & Marvelous won thanks to the same piece that saved his life not once but twice.
the Gokaigers are now glad that they won & now they have all 35 grand power including the ones that was stolen from Basco & their own grand power. then they walk back to the Galleon for a big dinner.so i think that this the best 2 part episode ever ^_^ so only 3 episodes left till the end.