Sep 29, 2012

ready for Mission 32

it's time for part 2 with Gavan & Morishita gets to shine in this episode

Mission 31

Uchuu Keiji Gavan appears(the title sounds familiar)

a girl was running from a monster named Rhino Doubler luckily she saw saved by the Busters

the girl's names Shelly from the Planet Bird & she's Uchuu Keiji Gavan's partner Rhino Doubler was trying to find Gavan to use the Makuu space portal as the girls tries to find him Yoko runs out of sweets because Shelly ate the chocolate from her bag so her battery ran out so Shelly treats her to sweets at a cafe & pays it by a diamond

as the girls were founded by Rhino Doubler as Yoko tries to protect Shelly while there a enetron reaction from out of no where so the Vaglass must still be active as the girls got suck to the Makuu space portal to another dimension

as the Danganroid  received orders from Enter Ryuuji & Masato & B.J. fights the metaroid while Hiromu & Nick still looks for Yoko & Shelly but a mysterious man appears & attacks Nick for acting suspicious while Ryuuji fight the Danganroid both of them were suck to thee Makuu portal before Masato & B.J. arrived Yoko & Shelly reunites with Ryuji & fights the metaroid

as the man still beats up Nick Hiromu manages to stop him while reveal himself as Jumonji Geki Uchuu Keiji Gavan as Hiromu as him to go to the Makuu space with him to save his friends but the buglars are in the way while a megazord is coming with the duo taking care of the megazord Geki transform to Gavan(with an explanation on how the transformation works) the two fight the buglars & goes to Makuu space the trio with Gavan fought the Danganroid 2 & beats it Masato & B.J. took care of the megazord & shuts it down

as the EMC makes truce with Geki Yoko & Shelly eats chocolate while somewhere Enter is still plotting something
good start for the two parter next up part 2

Sep 18, 2012

ready for Mission 31

after Messiah's defeat the Busters are going to meet Uchuu Keiji Gavan G Type i can't wait :)

Mission 29 & 30

here it is EMC vs Messiah

Hiromu just woke up from a dream about going to the subdimension while hearing Messiah's voice Kuroki called Hiromu & Nick because the EMC got a message from Hiromu's dad after it the trio plea to Kuroki to let them go to the Subdimension but Masato said that its impossible to survive there however Kuroki approves the mission to shut down Messiah

as the trio plan Enter & Escape had their own conversation for once the two agree on something & decide to team up as the Vaglass army approaches the EMC the Busters plan to stop while Enter & Escape try to make sure the Busters aren't going to the Subdimension

as Escape fights Ryuuji & Masato Hiromu fights Enter as he tries to make Enter reveal more about Messiah but as Enter beats him to like a rag doll & was close to finish him off Nick arrived to rescue him as the other Busters are preparing to get transported to the Subdimension & is waiting for Hiromu to arrive

as Escape tries to stop the transport Kuroki & the other maintenance crew try to hold Escape so the Busters get transported as Enter told her that its too late with the Busters arrived at the Subdimension several megazords appear but the Busters destroy them at last they meet Messiah in his physical form while he unleash of the past metaroids they defeated before

as Messiah unleash his power the Busters tries to fight him but the trio had to retreat & they went to the lab where the event from 13 years ago happened

Hiromu notices the dog statue & a pair of goggles which all lead to the clue that Enter & Escape were created using the the data from the staff as Masato got stopped by Escape as the two fight her as the trio arrived at a giant pillar

Hiromu's parents talk to him as his dad explained what would happen if the Busters doesn't shut Messiah down as Enter gave a more explanation that the staff including their families are data & is within Messiah so if they destroy him their families dies as well the trio got sent outside while Masato & B.J. are fighting Escape Yoko couldn't believe the truth as Hiromu tells the two that they're going to shut down Messiah even if  it means to have their families killed as well as or else their reason for being here will be in vain so as Ryuuji,Yoko,Masato & B.J. fights Messiah Hiromu fight Enter & his megazord Epsilon

as Ace fights Epsilon really hard Epsilon got defeated by the Resolution Slash as Hiromu leaves the building as it explodes while the other 4 Busters shut down Messiah for good as Escape watches on so the Busters are ready to leave the Subdimension

as Masato prepares the transport B.J. ask him about his real body but Masato told him to wait a bit more as the trio go back home Yoko thought about her mother there with her while Hiromu was in tears that he's going to miss his parents as Kuroki & the other awaited as the Busters return everybody celebrated as they made it back alive
sorry for the delay ^^; so those were really epic episodes ever :)

Sep 11, 2012

Sep 8, 2012

update time

due to no screenshots for 29 of Go-Busters im going the review along with Go-Busters 30 since this is a two parter & i have to make my own screenshots then i'm still doing the preview for 30 as well so review up next week also i'm going to do Fourze series review too

Sep 2, 2012

ready for Mission 29

Messiah now has a physical form this also means war EMC vs Messiah

Mission 28

let's learn about the history of Hiromu's weakpoint & fear it's SHOWTIME for Busters & a new opening

Enter was trying to contact Messiah but he's nowhere in sight after what happen at the lab Enter might know something is up later at the EMC Hiromu & Nick are dressed up for his sister's award ceremony for her picture book Miho accidentally said chicken which made Hiromu freeze up so he & Nick leaves

Escape approaches to Enter angrily to ask him where is Messiah & what happen to her "Papa" meanwhile Enter unleashes Sprayroid while Nick was upset about because of the metaroid while Rika follows them

the two meet Enter & Sprayroid but turned Nick into Hiromu(wow) Ryuuji & Yoko arrived but couldn't tell who's the real Hiromu as Sprayroid continues to change the Busters like Ryuuji to Enter Rika arrived & saw Hiromu who is actually Nick & takes Rika to safety until B.J. arrives to the scene & beat up the Buglars who also changes to the Busters he threw Hiromu to a water fountain which turned him back to normal as Ryuuji & Yoko knows the weakness they also jump to the fountain the Buglars got defeated

Nick & Rika got away but the Sprayroid knocked out Rika & changed to her the fake Rika tries to get Nick to reveal Hiromu's weakpoint but Nick did told her and she changed back to the Sprayroid Nick panicked so he tries to laugh at him & make some jokes until Masato arrives to save him two found Rika but she got hurt & got sent to the hospital Escape approaches to Enter again & threatens to shoot him if he doesn't tell her where Messiah is

at the hospital Nick is worry because he told the metaroid Hiromu's weakpoint as the others wonder why is he's scared of chickens so Nick tells them that as a kid Hiromu went to hide in a chicken coop while playing hide & seek but Hiromu was locked inside & got attacked by one of the chickens which made the others feel a lil sorry for Hiromu as the megazord arrived as well so Masato & B.J. took care of it as Nick provided a distraction Hiromu attacked the Sprayroid & the trio defeats the metaroid & Nick turns back to normal

after that Hiromu & Nick says goodbye to Rika as thew two look at the picture book of two cute puppies that are named Goku & Magoku which made them remember about Escape as Rika tells them that their mother has antiques base on them as Hiromu wonders why, at the EMC Masato tells Kuroki that the enetron at the subdimension are gone which leaves to Enter seeing Messiah's evolution
that's a good episode learning about Hiromu's weakpoint & left a clue about Escape from the picture book seeing Nick as Hiromu is funny