Jun 13, 2014

i am on wordpress

yo i have moved this blog to wordpress and i hope you check it out. still getting the hang of it but i like it very much and need to customize it for my need link below


Mar 10, 2014

S.H Figuarts news :D

recently i finally bought my first set of figuarts :D all of Gokaiger and some Kamen Riders i will do reviews on them soon if i can >< so i'll see you soon

Jan 2, 2014

hello 2014(^O^)

it's now 2014 and Kyoryuger is almost over and a new sentai is coming soon. man i'm really late in reviews so i hope all of you have a good new year(^^)

Dec 2, 2013

happy December

hello people sorry for the month off(>_<) BTW with Kyoryuger is almost over I'm so behind with reviews don't worry i'll do them before the new sentai starts(i hope)

Oct 13, 2013

update time :D

hey there it's been a while since i wrote :D sorry for the late write m(_ _)m it's because i have been watching the new Kyoryuger that i haven't been doing reviews lately. plus i also got a new computer(^O^) so now i can write without the struggle don't worry i'm still alive