May 31, 2012

phones in Fourze

here is some interesting that i notice in Kamen Rider Fourze is that the characters have cell phones which i'm surprise that they use them so what model do they use?
JK use a Softbank flip phone don't know what model it is though his is decorated with JK the Informer
Gentaro use Lumix Phone 001P & damn its expensive & is he using Twitter?!

Kengo uses an iPhone 4s while Yuuki & Ryuusei uses an Android smartphone Ryuusei's model is look like an Aquos model
they have really cool & expensive phones why can't the US have those awesome phones that Gentaro,Ryuusei & Yuuki have

May 30, 2012

Happy birthday 蒼汰

today is another toku birthday for May this is for the cute boy portraying as Kisaragi Gentaro(Kamen Rider Fourze), Fukushi Sota. may all of his wishes come true & get to eat a birthday cake too 誕生日おめでと蒼汰 ^_^ 宇宙キターッ!!!

May 28, 2012

Graduation review

its been a while since i did an idol video review so here it is. this is a review on Ozawa Ryota's second idol video Graduation.Ryota goes on a journey to Phuket,Thailand while telling a story about his adventure.exploring a new place, learning new things & a funny short short movie "Yankee goes Phuket"with a funny ending.i love the way it was filmed & seeing Phuket would want me want to visit Thailand someday, Good Morning i like this video & i would give this a 5/5 & would recommend it as well :) i am a big Ryota fan :)

May 27, 2012

ready for Mission 15

next week Beet Buster & Beet JStag debut i can't wait :D

Mission 14

its time for part two!

the episode started where it left off the Busters were fighting the Tubaroid ver 2 but it kidnapped Yoko & has her hostage
Ryuuji & Hiromu went back to the base to have their Morphin Brace repaired while the Tubaroid used Yoko's brace to make some demands the boys thought of a way to fight the megazord instead which made Miho upset

Miho showed everyone the decorations she explains that Yoko was planning a birthday party for the Buddyroids on the day that the Buddyroids were made & meet their partners which is why Yoko made the Surprise Tour for them even Ryuuji cried when he saw the party stuff so Hiromu & Ryuuji are going to rescue Yoko

when Ryuuji & Hiromu goes through the building Hiromu disguised himself as Enter & Ryuuji pretends to be captured the Tubaroid notice that it was Hiromu because his heart is beating since Enter doesn't have a heart

after Yoko is freed the Buddyroids arrived to give Ryuuji & Hiromu their repaired Morphin Brace then they fight the Tubaroid & defeat with the Special Buster they face the Tubazord Ryuuji manages to counter the sound with its own speakers & the Busters use the Dimension Crash to shut down the Tubazord

everyone celebrates the Buddyroids'birthday with a special birthday party for them while Nick wonders what was his surprise, which was a trip to a onsen while Kuroki meets Beet Buster & Beet J. Stag
this episode showed more of Miho's personality she's like a big sister to Yoko nice to see Beet Buster & Beet J. Stag

May 26, 2012

ready for Akiba 9

the Akibarangers are no more?! ehhhh!! the Alpaca returns too

Akiba 8

its time for the eight episode.

the episode started where it left off while watching the Z-Cune anime Hakase got a call from a Toei producer about wanting them to be an official sentai but Hakase turn them down which made them upset about it but Hakase goes somewhere important

so they went to the Toei building but was pushed away by a security guard
they were even more sad about it

until they meet a chief clerk Tsukishima Alpaca with Hakase not here Kozukozu has to take over Marushina made a the phone call up to lure the Akibarangers out but the Alpaca can't fight well as a monster so he ask them for help on how to be a better monster

so they help Tsukishima Alpaca by going through different training from different sentai like Gekiranger after the tough training they have to fight each other which cause the delusion world to open to the real world
Hakase went to Studio Bell Village to get more information about the designs her father left her 
& to know more about it

the Akibarangers finishes off the Alpaca with a cannon made by the three Inordinate Power
as a crowd of people witness the fight until a mysterious man gave Marushina Yumeria's card
as Hakase learns about the things happening she now understood something about her father.
the show is almost over & i love it so far :)

May 24, 2012

Beet Buster's identity

finally we now know Beet Buster's name & who is going to portray him. Beet Buster's name is Masato who for some reason has a some what of a girly personality being a genius engineer who Ryuuji admires. Masato will be played by Matsumoto Hiroya who also played as Tsubasa/MagiYellow in Magiranger. Beet Buster & Beet J. Stag will debut in 3 days. can't wait for it :)

May 20, 2012

ready for Mission 14

Hiromu as Enter XD
next week is the big debut of the long wait Beet Buster & his partner Beet J. Stag

Mission 13

it's time for the Go-Busters to have their first day off

Yoko was late to meet the others at the park Miho gives Yoko her bag & tells to have a great trip she made it & just by a little bit Hiromu was about to be blunt but luckily Nick puts his hands over Hiromu's mouth before he said something about Yoko's clothes Yoko tells everybody that today's mission is to have a Surprise Tour meaning a day off

Gorisaki enjoys the zoo while Usada wants to go to the amusement park while Hiromu is worrying about the Vaglass next move but Yoko tells them to have fun & enjoy it(the Buddyroids seem to have more fun)

Enter unleashes the Tubaroid to attack the park which made Usada & Yoko upset just when they want to play the Go-Busters fights the Tubaroid but there's the Tubazord coming its way but while that is happening Kuroki is missing but no one knows where he is the Tubaroid ran away & the Tubazord was destroyed so everyone went to look around the park Miho is worried about Yoko & Morishita is wondering where is Kuroki. Kuroki is somewhere at the subspace

the Busters & their Buddyroids were searching around the park Nick is somewhere outside of the amusement park & Usada is on the ferris wheel alone

Yoko tells Hiromu that not to worry & they'll go to Nick's surprise place but Hiromu tells her that play time is over which made her really upset(if only Nick was here to shut Hiromu up)

 then the Tubaroid appeared then the Go-Busters beat it but then another Tubaroid appears but more powerful i guess it's a good episode it might be a two parter :D