May 27, 2012

Mission 14

its time for part two!

the episode started where it left off the Busters were fighting the Tubaroid ver 2 but it kidnapped Yoko & has her hostage
Ryuuji & Hiromu went back to the base to have their Morphin Brace repaired while the Tubaroid used Yoko's brace to make some demands the boys thought of a way to fight the megazord instead which made Miho upset

Miho showed everyone the decorations she explains that Yoko was planning a birthday party for the Buddyroids on the day that the Buddyroids were made & meet their partners which is why Yoko made the Surprise Tour for them even Ryuuji cried when he saw the party stuff so Hiromu & Ryuuji are going to rescue Yoko

when Ryuuji & Hiromu goes through the building Hiromu disguised himself as Enter & Ryuuji pretends to be captured the Tubaroid notice that it was Hiromu because his heart is beating since Enter doesn't have a heart

after Yoko is freed the Buddyroids arrived to give Ryuuji & Hiromu their repaired Morphin Brace then they fight the Tubaroid & defeat with the Special Buster they face the Tubazord Ryuuji manages to counter the sound with its own speakers & the Busters use the Dimension Crash to shut down the Tubazord

everyone celebrates the Buddyroids'birthday with a special birthday party for them while Nick wonders what was his surprise, which was a trip to a onsen while Kuroki meets Beet Buster & Beet J. Stag
this episode showed more of Miho's personality she's like a big sister to Yoko nice to see Beet Buster & Beet J. Stag