Feb 29, 2012

bad news T_T

hey there so i got some bad news my laptop is getting some repair & i can't use it for the rest of the week or until next week T_T so i won't be able to do the reviews for Go-Busters and many other toku posts i'm sorry about that :( or i'll try to find a way to do my posts

Feb 27, 2012

meet the Buddyroids

so let's introduce the Go-Busters' partners the Buddyroids. i'm surprise that they had them since 13 years ago.
so let's begin :)
Hiromu's buddyroid Cheeda Nick an cheetah-type android that can turn into a motorcycle then transform into Go-Buster Ace or cheetah. despite he's a motorcycle he has no sense of direction :P he treats Hiromu as a big brother which is nice of him:) we'll see more interactions with Nick & Hiromu later on.
Ryuuji's buddyroid Gorisaki Banana though having super strength he's the mechanic of the group. he's also faint of heart who always worry about Ryuuji that he would pray to God for his safety. i wouldn't blame him since its because of Ryuuji's weakpoint. whenever trouble comes his face would spin since his face is a wheel. i think that Gorisaki is like a big brother as well ;)
Yoko's buddyroid Usada Lettuce a cute little rabbit that looks like R2-D2 from Star Wars & Pikachu from Pokemon comes together being the support system for the control room & is equipped with data management applications. he can be a little obnoxious & overbearing towards Yoko. which can leads to fights but they made up quickly. Usada is really sarcastic at times but really cares about Yoko.
as you can see the buddyroids are unique,colorful & funny at the same time maybe there would be one episode about the three on their mini adventures when the Go-Busters are not around or maybe how they met the Go-Busters.

Feb 26, 2012

ready for Mission 2

with the 1st episode ends let's get ready for their second mission :) seeing it how it would be funny to see Hiromu's weakpoint XD

Mission 1

it's time for Busters.my 1st review on Go-busters 1st ep.so are you ready? it's morphin time!
so the ep starts with evil giant robots attacking the city 13 years ago. as time flies to 2012 Neo AD while at Hiromu's house when he was frozen when he saw an image of a chicken XD while elsewhere Ryuuji & Yoko are looking for anything suspicious.
Looks familiar to you?
as they break in the building they began to fight the opening starts up

Ryuuji & Yoko are now fighting Enter but he manages to escape
which led to the base where the buddyroids Usada & Gorisaki are glad they are ok & Miho a new recruit comes in
while Enter talks to the Messiah the leader of Vaglass about his plan he uses the Enetron energy to make a monster to destroy the city. While Hiromu visits his sister Rika at the hospital. Rika at first didn't want him to be a Go-buster since their parents are gone due to Messiah.
while Yoko & Ryuuji was fighting the monster their Leader tells them that they only got 3 minuets left before the giant monster arrives. Hiromu then tells Rika that he will be ok & then he leaves with Nick.
Hiromu comes in just in time to save the two & transform into Red Buster to fight the giant monster as CB-01 Go-Buster Ace.
after the Go-busters beat the monster Ryuuji & Yoko looks confuse when Hiromu came in.
which leads to the ending credits. the return of the dance in Super Sentai.

i love the episode & its unique. let's see what Go-busters have in store for us this year.

Feb 20, 2012

random Gokai pics finale

since Gokaiger has ended i wanted to do a final round of random pics ^_^
let me eat already!
evil smirk

smile smile

hell no!

ice cream ^_^

Feb 19, 2012

passing the torch,Gokai Red to Red Buster

GokaiRed now its time to pass the torch to Red Buster. you better bow to your senpai

ready for Go-Busters

with Gokaiger ends a new sentai has arrive can't wait to see what Go-busters got in store with a passing the torch.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger review

here's my review of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. i actually watch it since its first episode so let's start. what can i say that its by far the best sentai ever. bringing the nostalgic feelings to everyone & brought excitement as well. the crew at first just wants the treasure but as they met the legends & Gai they grew into a true Sentai team.a captain,a ex-solider,a lady thief,a engineer,a princess,& a fanboy passing through. who knew that they can be like a family. one of the best things i like is the Gokai changes with gender switches,all color theme,even a tribute henshin. they even went that far to find the legends to reprise their part.
there was also alot of character development for the crew which i love.great story,great acting & everything else that is great. i think overall this is the best anniversary series ever & i give this show a 5/5 & so i want to say ありがとう to the cast for their best acting ever,the people working behind the scenes,directors & more for the wonderful year.ありがとうござりました it was one heck of a ride. so now from pirates to spies. 

Gokai Finale

its time for my review on the Gokaiger Finale so let's start.
the Gokaigers starts to fight the special guard as the fleet attacks Earth. Navi saved them while driving the Free Joker. so Marvelous & Gai use it to get in the Gigante Horse to fight Akudos Gills  the other 4 Gokaigers manage to beat the guard with a blue charge
the Gigante Horse is destroyed with Marvelous & Gai manage to escape. all 6 Gokaigers face Akudos with help of the Super Sentai.
as they fight him they use alot of Gokai changes within two minutes even the Super Modes!
Akudos wasn't ready to die so the crew uses a final wave & a special charge to beat him. with that they finally won
so the crew got to go to Safari Snack & Marvelous finally has his curry ^o^
so the Gokaigers decided to go out to another adventure & leaving Earth to the Zangyack's home world, while a group of little kids from ep 1 says goodbye to them. Marvelous decides to give all the ranger keys back to the original owners while he saw Akared and says goodbye.
so they departed while the legends watch them leave & got their keys even Akaranger henshins
all they have left is 6 Gokaiger keys
the end!
that was the best finale ever!! i'll miss them so much :)

Feb 17, 2012

2 day till the Gokai Finale

only two more days left until the Gokaiger epic finale i will miss this show dearly & be prepare for Go-Busters.

Feb 15, 2012


here's another idol video review. this time is Koike Yui's dvd PINK BREEZE in HAWAII. her adventure in Hawaii for the first time. exploring different places,trying new food,speaking English for the first time & many more you want from it. i think my favorite part is when she was watching tv & i heard the Gieco commercial XD (i think the gokai galleon needs some insurances from the gecko)  maybe she should visit Texas & learn some Spanish ;) so i kinda like it & its unique as well i would give this 5/5 & recommend it to those who are Yui fans :)

Feb 14, 2012

a distant shore review

so this is my first review of toku actress's idol video from a girl's point of view.
this review is on Ichimichi Mao first idol video, a distant shore. the story goes into different parts but with 1 theme. Mao goes on a journey while taking pictures with a Canon F-1 camera. from her point of view i guess she was referring to someone who is distant from her. each scene has a different title like "small town girl" or "dreamy" the video has the usual girl is posing in different outfits. the ending has like a flashback while she is running & crying. i would say that it's good with a story plot with the usual idol stuff so i would give this a 5/5 & recommend to people who are a big fan of Mao.

here's the making of video

happy Valentine's Day

i hope all you have a good Valentine's Day :)

Feb 13, 2012

top 5 countires

here's the top 5 countries that has read my blog since i started this blog.

  1. United States-892
  2. United Kingdom-64
  3. Russia-56
  4. Philippines-55
  5. Japan-48
i am suprised that Japan has read my toku blog :O i want to thank you for reading my toku blog & follow me as well (^_^v)

p.s. im doing this post at school >:)

Feb 12, 2012

Pirates Girls review

this is my first review on a toku insert song. this review is on Gokaiger's insert song Pirates Girls. performed by Gojo Mayumi & Sister MAYO as part of the Gokaiger 3rd mini album. i love this song the way it was used in ep 41 with Ahim fighting the MOTD. it has an empowering feeling too. i wonder if Yui & Mao should sing this song. i give this song a 5/5 & i would recommend it ^_^

ready for the Gokai Finale

with 50 comes to an end now it's already the big finale with the helmetless role call its almost time to say goodbye to the Gokaigers.