Feb 27, 2012

meet the Buddyroids

so let's introduce the Go-Busters' partners the Buddyroids. i'm surprise that they had them since 13 years ago.
so let's begin :)
Hiromu's buddyroid Cheeda Nick an cheetah-type android that can turn into a motorcycle then transform into Go-Buster Ace or cheetah. despite he's a motorcycle he has no sense of direction :P he treats Hiromu as a big brother which is nice of him:) we'll see more interactions with Nick & Hiromu later on.
Ryuuji's buddyroid Gorisaki Banana though having super strength he's the mechanic of the group. he's also faint of heart who always worry about Ryuuji that he would pray to God for his safety. i wouldn't blame him since its because of Ryuuji's weakpoint. whenever trouble comes his face would spin since his face is a wheel. i think that Gorisaki is like a big brother as well ;)
Yoko's buddyroid Usada Lettuce a cute little rabbit that looks like R2-D2 from Star Wars & Pikachu from Pokemon comes together being the support system for the control room & is equipped with data management applications. he can be a little obnoxious & overbearing towards Yoko. which can leads to fights but they made up quickly. Usada is really sarcastic at times but really cares about Yoko.
as you can see the buddyroids are unique,colorful & funny at the same time maybe there would be one episode about the three on their mini adventures when the Go-Busters are not around or maybe how they met the Go-Busters.