Feb 19, 2012

Gokai Finale

its time for my review on the Gokaiger Finale so let's start.
the Gokaigers starts to fight the special guard as the fleet attacks Earth. Navi saved them while driving the Free Joker. so Marvelous & Gai use it to get in the Gigante Horse to fight Akudos Gills  the other 4 Gokaigers manage to beat the guard with a blue charge
the Gigante Horse is destroyed with Marvelous & Gai manage to escape. all 6 Gokaigers face Akudos with help of the Super Sentai.
as they fight him they use alot of Gokai changes within two minutes even the Super Modes!
Akudos wasn't ready to die so the crew uses a final wave & a special charge to beat him. with that they finally won
so the crew got to go to Safari Snack & Marvelous finally has his curry ^o^
so the Gokaigers decided to go out to another adventure & leaving Earth to the Zangyack's home world, while a group of little kids from ep 1 says goodbye to them. Marvelous decides to give all the ranger keys back to the original owners while he saw Akared and says goodbye.
so they departed while the legends watch them leave & got their keys even Akaranger henshins
all they have left is 6 Gokaiger keys
the end!
that was the best finale ever!! i'll miss them so much :)