Feb 26, 2012

Mission 1

it's time for Busters.my 1st review on Go-busters 1st ep.so are you ready? it's morphin time!
so the ep starts with evil giant robots attacking the city 13 years ago. as time flies to 2012 Neo AD while at Hiromu's house when he was frozen when he saw an image of a chicken XD while elsewhere Ryuuji & Yoko are looking for anything suspicious.
Looks familiar to you?
as they break in the building they began to fight the opening starts up

Ryuuji & Yoko are now fighting Enter but he manages to escape
which led to the base where the buddyroids Usada & Gorisaki are glad they are ok & Miho a new recruit comes in
while Enter talks to the Messiah the leader of Vaglass about his plan he uses the Enetron energy to make a monster to destroy the city. While Hiromu visits his sister Rika at the hospital. Rika at first didn't want him to be a Go-buster since their parents are gone due to Messiah.
while Yoko & Ryuuji was fighting the monster their Leader tells them that they only got 3 minuets left before the giant monster arrives. Hiromu then tells Rika that he will be ok & then he leaves with Nick.
Hiromu comes in just in time to save the two & transform into Red Buster to fight the giant monster as CB-01 Go-Buster Ace.
after the Go-busters beat the monster Ryuuji & Yoko looks confuse when Hiromu came in.
which leads to the ending credits. the return of the dance in Super Sentai.

i love the episode & its unique. let's see what Go-busters have in store for us this year.