May 26, 2012

Akiba 8

its time for the eight episode.

the episode started where it left off while watching the Z-Cune anime Hakase got a call from a Toei producer about wanting them to be an official sentai but Hakase turn them down which made them upset about it but Hakase goes somewhere important

so they went to the Toei building but was pushed away by a security guard
they were even more sad about it

until they meet a chief clerk Tsukishima Alpaca with Hakase not here Kozukozu has to take over Marushina made a the phone call up to lure the Akibarangers out but the Alpaca can't fight well as a monster so he ask them for help on how to be a better monster

so they help Tsukishima Alpaca by going through different training from different sentai like Gekiranger after the tough training they have to fight each other which cause the delusion world to open to the real world
Hakase went to Studio Bell Village to get more information about the designs her father left her 
& to know more about it

the Akibarangers finishes off the Alpaca with a cannon made by the three Inordinate Power
as a crowd of people witness the fight until a mysterious man gave Marushina Yumeria's card
as Hakase learns about the things happening she now understood something about her father.
the show is almost over & i love it so far :)