May 20, 2012

Mission 13

it's time for the Go-Busters to have their first day off

Yoko was late to meet the others at the park Miho gives Yoko her bag & tells to have a great trip she made it & just by a little bit Hiromu was about to be blunt but luckily Nick puts his hands over Hiromu's mouth before he said something about Yoko's clothes Yoko tells everybody that today's mission is to have a Surprise Tour meaning a day off

Gorisaki enjoys the zoo while Usada wants to go to the amusement park while Hiromu is worrying about the Vaglass next move but Yoko tells them to have fun & enjoy it(the Buddyroids seem to have more fun)

Enter unleashes the Tubaroid to attack the park which made Usada & Yoko upset just when they want to play the Go-Busters fights the Tubaroid but there's the Tubazord coming its way but while that is happening Kuroki is missing but no one knows where he is the Tubaroid ran away & the Tubazord was destroyed so everyone went to look around the park Miho is worried about Yoko & Morishita is wondering where is Kuroki. Kuroki is somewhere at the subspace

the Busters & their Buddyroids were searching around the park Nick is somewhere outside of the amusement park & Usada is on the ferris wheel alone

Yoko tells Hiromu that not to worry & they'll go to Nick's surprise place but Hiromu tells her that play time is over which made her really upset(if only Nick was here to shut Hiromu up)

 then the Tubaroid appeared then the Go-Busters beat it but then another Tubaroid appears but more powerful i guess it's a good episode it might be a two parter :D