Aug 1, 2013

Brave 17 & 18

Kyoru Grey arrives!!!

the Kyoryugers arrives to fight the Zorimas but they a lil stronger than the normal Zorimas as they got beaten by them Torin is worried about their strength & how to deal with while in China Ramirez approaches to another Kyoryuger & asked him if he's ok with it & to be nice about it but as the grey Kyoryuger tells him that he's a hard headed type

they were later approached by Debo Nagareboushi who the third member along with Hyougakki &Virusun who were the cause of the dinosaurs to extinct luckily Ucchi made it to help his comrades so Nagareboushi retreated  at the base everyone must find away to Nagareboushi 

that's when  the spirit ranger came to the base called Tessai who is from China 1500 years ago(the first Kyoryuger ever) aka Kyoru Grey who wants the 5 Kyoryugers to improve their strength by going to a genjutsu by Tessai  at the risk if their spirits get destroyed they die which made Ucchi worry

Nagareboushi vows to get revenge for his two fallen comrades as Ian,Nossan,Souji and Amy tries to pass Tessai's test but they manage to pass the test while Daigo was already done with his test before the others did just before Nagareboushi attacks

the 5 tries to fight Nagareboushi but they were still no match until the 4 remember what Tessai taught them as their strength improve to weaken Nagareboushi just as Daigo delivers the final blow it didn't affect Nagareboushi even using the Kentrospiker Daigo became hurt

that's when Bunpancy came out to beat the giant Zorimas with a rampage hard headed feeling like Tessai while everybody came to the injured Daigo

it was then that Tessai demands Torin to remove Daigo from the team & have Ucchi as leader while explains that though Daigo has the strength he doesn't have a weakness of  his own while Daigo passes out
can Daigo pass the test & Kyoryuzin Kung Fu debuts

Daigo is at the hospital after the battle with Nagareboushi while talking about Tessai & why is he hard on him the reason is because of the fact that he was defeated before so he doesn't want the future kyoryugers to fail
the same way

everybody tries to plea Torin to let Daigo stay in the team though its Tessai to decide for Daigo while he is at the woods he Ucchi goes & fight Nagareboushi by himself only to be ended up captured & held hostage Daigo spots a hippie fishing wondering where he is at

as Daigo goes further to the woods he spot someone from afar it was none other than his father Daigo finally found his weakness is that he doesn't want to loose his friends after exchanging some words he suddenly vanish & the others founded Daigo

while Ucchi is held captive as Dogold tries to make him angry again so he can take over his body once more Ucchi tells him he won't give in again thanks to his friends meanwhile Tessai tests Daigo again so the two exchange punch with Tessai's helmet getting a crack & that Daigo has pass the test

just before Ucchi get killed by Dogold  Daigo manage to save him as the Kyoryugers fights Nagareboushi with Daigo's new found strength Nagareboushi is defeated just before it grew big that's when Tessai(human form) approves the team so he gives Bunpancy to them to make Kyoryuzin Kung Fu with that Nagareboushi is defeated

after the ordeal Daigo is great thanks to Tessai while Ramirez ask Tessai to help him find the last 2 Kyoryugers with thier partners Plezuon & Bragigas  as the two files off towards the sky together
sorry for the wait >< (i'm really lazy) but here you go