Sep 29, 2012

Mission 31

Uchuu Keiji Gavan appears(the title sounds familiar)

a girl was running from a monster named Rhino Doubler luckily she saw saved by the Busters

the girl's names Shelly from the Planet Bird & she's Uchuu Keiji Gavan's partner Rhino Doubler was trying to find Gavan to use the Makuu space portal as the girls tries to find him Yoko runs out of sweets because Shelly ate the chocolate from her bag so her battery ran out so Shelly treats her to sweets at a cafe & pays it by a diamond

as the girls were founded by Rhino Doubler as Yoko tries to protect Shelly while there a enetron reaction from out of no where so the Vaglass must still be active as the girls got suck to the Makuu space portal to another dimension

as the Danganroid  received orders from Enter Ryuuji & Masato & B.J. fights the metaroid while Hiromu & Nick still looks for Yoko & Shelly but a mysterious man appears & attacks Nick for acting suspicious while Ryuuji fight the Danganroid both of them were suck to thee Makuu portal before Masato & B.J. arrived Yoko & Shelly reunites with Ryuji & fights the metaroid

as the man still beats up Nick Hiromu manages to stop him while reveal himself as Jumonji Geki Uchuu Keiji Gavan as Hiromu as him to go to the Makuu space with him to save his friends but the buglars are in the way while a megazord is coming with the duo taking care of the megazord Geki transform to Gavan(with an explanation on how the transformation works) the two fight the buglars & goes to Makuu space the trio with Gavan fought the Danganroid 2 & beats it Masato & B.J. took care of the megazord & shuts it down

as the EMC makes truce with Geki Yoko & Shelly eats chocolate while somewhere Enter is still plotting something
good start for the two parter next up part 2