Jan 27, 2012

Goseiger the good,the bad & the weird

when I think about Goseiger I think about Tensou Sentai Goseiger. So here's what I like & I don't like about the show. What I like about Goseiger is that  they use 3 different villains that led to one main villain.they are the 1st sentai to not have evil clones of themselves & they are unique in their own way. the bad is that hmm.... well some of the episodes that didn't make sense to me while some episodes do. the main villain(which i can't pronounce or spell) is used way too much. some people find Alata annoying but that's who he is since the skyick tribe are way too optimistic like Eri. the weird is when Eri reveal their identities to Nozomu's dad while they were stuck at a cave or when the Gosei boys talk about Nozomu's mom & what she looks like. either way i like Goseigers for who they are & they are angels after all.