Nov 17, 2012

Mission 38

let's get ready to rumble with Ace

Masato wants to go to a MMA fight but there was a megazord transport so Hiromu goes to fight  it by himself until Ace was into a boxing ring with commentary & Enter this match started with Type Alpha megazord

while the other 4 Busters try to find a way to get Hiromu out of the dome Ace fights Type Alpha & beats it so Hiromu tries to leave but Enter refuse to let him go until he beats all 4 of the megazords

with that a tag-team of Type Gamma & Beta came & it became a handicap match as the others keep trying to free Hiromu, Ryuuji uses the Lio Blaster to shoot the dome as the Beta megazord destroyed Gamma is by itself at first

as the Delta megazord arrives it became a handicap match again as they cornered Ace with Hiromu at his limit for fighting them for too long to the point where his Buster suit is damaged as Enter tells Hiromu to just give up but  Hiromu refuses to give after all of things he has done to get him this far

as the others find out about the dome Ryuuji suggest to try a new combination with Rai-Oh so they created Go-Buster King so they freed Hiromu from the dome & to get the Domeroid as Ace & King fight the Domeroid King defeats it  & shuts it down

after Hiromu & Nick got checked up Masato wants to go to the MMA fight since the event was moved to the next day but Hiromu doesn't want to go see a ring again that was until Masato flipped the ad that showed a wrestler with a chicken mask which made Hiromu freeze
best episode so much robot action thank goodness its not pay per view :P