Oct 13, 2012

Mission 33

it's the debut of the Busters Power Customs

with Enter survived the explosion from the Subdimension he now reveals his latest scheme the fight with Hiromu was a plot to back up Messiah & turns them into cards with the first card is used to make Sunadokeiroid to make a sand portal to convert the humans into data for Messiah as he explains that they have to destroy the remaining 12 cards as they scattered everywhere which is turn to a game

just as Nick was getting the people to safety he saved a girl from falling to the pit but Nick got pulled in as he was telling Hiromu something important & got turned to data just as Gorisaki calls them to get back to EMC he tells them about the protectors that Yoko & Masato wore a while back & the thought maybe he can use the buddyroid's power to convert them to data to make the power customs as Usada tells them that they wanted to defeat the Vaglass as badly just as the trio do so Kuroki approves but it have to take time but Hiromu's visor is complete

Escape confronts Enter about what he did to the cards just he threatens her his eye glow red which made her back away as the Sunadokeiroid invades the warehouse to collect more data it was stopped by the Busters(with Masato breaking the fourth wall)

as the Busters fight Sunadokeiroid his voice change with it reveal to be Messiah's voice as the trio made a vow to beat the Vaglass to make sure no one else will go through the same thing ever again as Hiromu saves Nick to transform to Power Custom as Ryuuji & Yoko's visors were complete Gorisaki & Usada joins them as they got the Power Custom with their new powers the trio manage to beat the Sunadokeiroid & the card was destroyed

Masato & B.J. wants to celebrate & tells them that there is also the megazord they have to deal with as well
this episode is awesome & i like the Power Customs glad that the buddyroids get to be in battle with their partners