Oct 10, 2012

仮面ライダーxスーパー戦隊スーパーヒロ大戦 review

Kamen Rider, Super Sentai in 1 movie my review on Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Hero Taisen let's start
Captain Marvelous(Gokai Red)led the Dai-Zangyack to destroy all Kamen Riders while Kadoya Tsukasa(Kamen Rider Decade)revived Dai-Shocker as its leader to destroy all Super Sentai using former villains from both sides to fight in a war while Marvelous looks for the Uchuu Saiko no Otakara by using the Kamen Riders' grand power so Gentarou fought Marvelous while the Go-Busters fought Tsukasa as the two wipe out riders & sentai to fight each other Joe, Doc,Hina, & Kaito(Kamen Rider Diend) must find a way to stop the fight so basically the two sides were tricked as the Dai-Zangyack & Dai-Shocker made the two sides fight each other so the villains can conquer the world & then the big battle of Kamen Riders & Super Sentai working together to defeat the enemy with the giant mecha fight with GoBuster-Oh using Fourze's rocket & drill switches to do a Sentai Rider Uchuu Kick to beat the giant mecha control by Kaito then the movie ended with the Buster & Fourze doing Uchuu Kittaaa!(with Gai in the background) 
the movie is awesome the bad thing about it is too many plot holes other thing i like is the Gokaigers transformed to Kamen Rider OOO's combos so this movie is an all right movie so i would give this a 4.5/5 & i would recommend it if you haven't seen it yet :)