Oct 20, 2012

Mission 34

Masato gets the spotlight

after the debut of the Power Customs the trio tries to find a way to locate the Messiah cards fast as Masato sneaks in from behind to play jokes but as the trio are a little more fed up with it since the megazord won't arrive for two hours

as Hiromu was on patrol he saw Masato & B.J. playing with a group of kids
but Hiromu & Nick had to ruin the fun as the two are fed up with them while the Messiah card landed on a puppet to create Puppetroid with B.J. losing enetron so it can't fight as it controls people with its right hand just the Puppetroid controlling Masato to fight the trio but the Puppetroid retreats with Masato

with B.J. refueling on Enetron the other megazord is approaching as well as the first megazord as Hiromu say that he will fight Masato to teach him a lesson but B.J. reveals that Masato acts childish to hide his sadness

with the first megazord arrive B.J. Ryuuji & Yoko has to fight it while Hiromu fights Masato as the two fought Hiromu tells Masato to stop acting like a child Masato tells him how hard it is to lose his friends at the subdimension at the hand of Messiah but Hiromu tells him that they should hold the pain together

with Masato out of the control of the Puppetroid thanks to Nick Hiromu morphs to his Power Customs to beat the Puppetroid with Masato admits defeat to Hiromu

as the two came to help out the others to beat the megazords a mysterious machine appears as a lion as the lion zord damages the megazords so the Busters shuts them down the lion zord attacks the Busters as well as they are confuse to know what happen
good ep & gives lil more detail about Masato :)