Feb 23, 2013

ready for Brave 2

the debut of Kyoryuzin & more info on Nobuharu & Amy

Brave 1

it's time for DINOSAURS!!!

after the extinction of dinosaurs the Deboss Army has come to destroy the humans when a man named Kiryu Daigo came to protect people from a group of foot soliders a mysterious being named Torin came in a told him that he is chosen to be the fifth Kyoryuger but has to tame a Zyudenryu called Gabutyra to achieve that power

while the Deboss is planning the next move at a restaurant called Tiger Boy a flirt,a high school boy,a strong girl and a electrician meet(as strangers) just as Daigo claim himself as King to the others until he was transported to the Spirit Base

Gabutyra was out there fighting Debo Hyogakki because of the dinosaurs'extinction so Daigo confronts the Zorimas while gaining Gabutyra's respect

with that Daigo become Kyoru Red while fighting the Zorimas the other Kyoryugers came to the rescue & deal with the Zorimas 

Gabutyra & Daigo finally working together to beat Debo Hyogakki & the giant Zorima(Gabutyra kick ass)after that the others came & tell him that they should not reveal their identities to Daigo but he reveals himself to the others as they remember him from the Tiger Boy however they don't want to get along with each other
good way to start off let's SAMBA everybody

Feb 17, 2013

ready for Kyoryuger

its now the return of dinosaurs let's SAMBA are you ready for Kyoryuger?

Final Mission

it's time for the Final Mission

after the Busters made it to the subdimension they look around while the EMC assumed that they didn't make it through the transport while the Busters fights Enter as Dark Red Buster

it was not until Masato showed the trio his real body as its slowly fading away as he tells them that to remove the card from Hiromu he is willing to sacrifice himself as Masato plead to let him do this the trio & B.J. were sadden by this decision while Hiromu holds him tightly as he cries so they will let Masato do this

as Ryuuji, Yoko, & the buddyroids hold back the Buglars Masato is ready to remove the card from Hiromu as the process is complete the body is now gone as Masato is ready to fight for 1 last time before he's gone for good as Enter can't transform to Dark Red Buster anymore

the Busters are prepare to fight Enter as they also fought Omega & defeats it just as Enter tells Hiromu that flaws are useless while Hiromu told him that flaws are what who they just like Masato's philosophy they Busters did an Volcanic All Busters Attack & Enter is finally defeated as he finally understand what it means to be human

as the subdimension is collapsing they Busters are happy that its over Hiromu's father & Masato gives their final message to the trio be fore the fade away back at the EMC everybody thought that they didn't make it alive until they heard a call from Hiromu the trio returned and the mission is complete

as everybody is now adjusting to a normal life Yoko starts high school,Ryuuji is now a scientist & Hiromu comes home to Rika & B.J. is now by himself with a black block to remember Masato as Hiromu & Nick rides off to the sunset the end
best finale that i've seen & now MISSION COMPLETE!

Feb 10, 2013

ready for Final Mission

its the Busters Final Mission can they beat Enter?! will Masato sacrifice himself?!

Mission 49

Dark Red Buster deploy

left off from the last episode Enter successfully copy Hiromu's data & transformed to Dark Red Buster the fight between Enter & Hiromu was a close match as Enter can do the same thing as Hiromu can

with that the Busters retreat as Hiromu is recuperates Ryuuji was upset at Hiromu for what his actions did & he  tells Hiromu that he shouldn't do it all alone with that Masato has an alternative plan

just as Enter goes & absorbs the enetron tanks to create a new megazord with humans fused with it as the trio goes out Masato tries to find away to get the card out of Hiromu by using his own data that he's willing to sacrifice himself to save everybody

the trio goes to the city to find any civilians just as they found two kids holding each other tightly just like the trio 13 years ago as they vow to protect them & keep them safe from harm as Enter arrived with Omega to destroy the city

as Omega starts its destruction the Busters resolved to bring Enter to the Subdimension to defeat him once & for all as the base get destroy by omega Kuroki ordered Morishita & Miho to get to safety but the two refused to leave as the vow to fight together to the end as the transportation is complete

as they arrived in the subdimension the Busters became unconscious & left in the rubles 
one episode left its the finale