Feb 23, 2013

Brave 1

it's time for DINOSAURS!!!

after the extinction of dinosaurs the Deboss Army has come to destroy the humans when a man named Kiryu Daigo came to protect people from a group of foot soliders a mysterious being named Torin came in a told him that he is chosen to be the fifth Kyoryuger but has to tame a Zyudenryu called Gabutyra to achieve that power

while the Deboss is planning the next move at a restaurant called Tiger Boy a flirt,a high school boy,a strong girl and a electrician meet(as strangers) just as Daigo claim himself as King to the others until he was transported to the Spirit Base

Gabutyra was out there fighting Debo Hyogakki because of the dinosaurs'extinction so Daigo confronts the Zorimas while gaining Gabutyra's respect

with that Daigo become Kyoru Red while fighting the Zorimas the other Kyoryugers came to the rescue & deal with the Zorimas 

Gabutyra & Daigo finally working together to beat Debo Hyogakki & the giant Zorima(Gabutyra kick ass)after that the others came & tell him that they should not reveal their identities to Daigo but he reveals himself to the others as they remember him from the Tiger Boy however they don't want to get along with each other
good way to start off let's SAMBA everybody