Feb 10, 2013

Mission 49

Dark Red Buster deploy

left off from the last episode Enter successfully copy Hiromu's data & transformed to Dark Red Buster the fight between Enter & Hiromu was a close match as Enter can do the same thing as Hiromu can

with that the Busters retreat as Hiromu is recuperates Ryuuji was upset at Hiromu for what his actions did & he  tells Hiromu that he shouldn't do it all alone with that Masato has an alternative plan

just as Enter goes & absorbs the enetron tanks to create a new megazord with humans fused with it as the trio goes out Masato tries to find away to get the card out of Hiromu by using his own data that he's willing to sacrifice himself to save everybody

the trio goes to the city to find any civilians just as they found two kids holding each other tightly just like the trio 13 years ago as they vow to protect them & keep them safe from harm as Enter arrived with Omega to destroy the city

as Omega starts its destruction the Busters resolved to bring Enter to the Subdimension to defeat him once & for all as the base get destroy by omega Kuroki ordered Morishita & Miho to get to safety but the two refused to leave as the vow to fight together to the end as the transportation is complete

as they arrived in the subdimension the Busters became unconscious & left in the rubles 
one episode left its the finale