Jan 27, 2013

仮面ライダーフォーゼ THE MOVIE みんなで宇宙キターッ! review

its time for a movie review of 2013!
today's movie is the Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie:Everyone Space is Here
this movie was filled with alot of action emotional moments & many many more with an appearance from Kamen Rider Wizard  & a new state Meteor Fusion State as the Kamen Rider Club goes to space to fight the Kyodain Groundain and Skydain  to protect the Earth my favorite scene would have to be when the Kamen Rider Club gives switches to the anybody that Gentarou befriend with to help him develop the new switch overall this movie is great for those who miss Fourze & haven't seen it yet. i watched it with a friend on Skype who's from Japan & he was happy that he got to see it let's see for this movie i would give it a 5/5 & would recommend it for those who haven't seen it yet 宇宙キターッ did i mention that Ryusei got a kiss on the cheek by Inga Blink ;)

Jan 26, 2013

ready for Mission 48

now the card is found how can Hiromu get it out of him

Mission 47

its time for Hiromu to conquer his fear of chickens

after Escape & Kuwagataroid appear Enter was calmed about his next step but as he said chicken to Hiromu he freezes the Busters had no choice but to retreat

then Hiromu though that he might have to get over his fear by doing some training which was a failure after he has reached over his limit & passed out so he thought of another approach to get over his fear

the Kuwagatazord appears so B.J. goes out & fights it by himself as the others fight Escape & Kuwagataroid while Enter watches as  the Kuwagataroid uses Hiromu's fear to his weakpoint the other attack him so the won't freeze then Kuwagataroid & Escape was defeated

as the Busters beats Enter B.J. realized that his pet was with him the whole time as everybody as heading back Enter was revived just as he tells them that Hiromu is his back-up as the 13th Messiah card is in Hiromu's right eye as long as he's there Enter can be immortal
wow that was a epic plot twist & i love Hiromu's training scene

Jan 19, 2013

ready for Mission 47

with 3 episodes remain Hiromu must get rid of his fear of chickens can he do it?

Mission 45 & 46

due to no screenshots for ep 45 i'll review it without it
it's a new year for the EMC and its a holiday special and the return of the Keshigomuroid?! so Gorisaki got Ryuuji to go to an arrange marriage with a girl named Satou Rena as everybody is worry about Ryuuji as they had to wear disguises while Hiromu is worry about Rika when she meet a guy at the restaurant meanwhile the Buglars made Omochiroid at first it was tiny but as it terrorized the restaurant everybody else tries to fight the metaroid while Ryuuji & Rika was unaware about the whole fight while the Omochizord the Omochiroid grew to normal size as Masato & B.J. beats the megazord Hiromu beats the metaroid all without Ryuuji ever knew about it 
its a funny episode & my favorite scene would have to be Morishita pretending to be a temp named Michael
 now on to 46 Ryuuji goes berserk

as Ryuuji & Hiromu works out Ryuuji feels depress after the fight he had with Yoko about what to do for her future which she calls him annoying

B.J. was trying to look for his pet stag beetle as the Busters head for the woods Enter & Escape reappears but Escape calls him Papa Enter as her memories are reset as she got a new form Ryuuji fights her but her flames made him overheat which made him go berserk & pushes her of the bridge

as Ryuuji was at the beach Escape appears as she tells him to go for round two but as she tries to make overheat more Gorisaki & Yoko arrived to try to stop her but as Ryuuji goes more berserk it was up to Yoko to stop him but he attacks her as Gorisaki tries to protect her he got hurt

as Yoko remembers the years she grew up with Ryuuji by her side she realize that she cares about him despite of him being annoying as she pushes him to the sea to cool him off & Ryuuji thank her for it

as Hiromu & Masato fights Escape they destroy her but Enter appears with a flower and B.J. 's pet
as it created Kuwagataroid & a blank Escape this is getting heated up
just 3 episodes remain

Jan 13, 2013

ready for Mission 46

Enter & Escape survived  & Ryuuji goes berserk!!! i will do two episodes in 1 post

Jan 8, 2013

ready for Mission 45

its the new year and Ryuuji is having an arrange marriage?!

Mission 44

its time for the climatic Christmas battle

after Escape crushes Enter Hiromu goes out to fight Zeta all by himself but in the end he got seriously injured and was rushed for medical help while everyone else is still fighting

at the hospital Hiromu was trying to leave but Nick stops him as Hiromu tells him that he has to shut down Messiah while Nick explains that he might get killed while showing Hiromu the music box and Hiromu began to cry

as Escape destroys the others Entan suddenly appears and helps out just as Escape infuse herself to Messiah and becomes Messiah Reboot which became impossible for the others to fight without Hiromu as he is going out there while Kuroki ask him to come out alive

as Messiah destroys the building Hiromu manages to save the others as the Busters vow to shut him down and save Christmas with GoBuster-Oh stabs Messiah really hard and destroys him as everybody at the EMC is happy and that everybody is alive

at the Children Center everybody is celebrating Christmas for the first time happy as snow falls on the ground while Enter comes back(avatars can cheat death) as its eye glows red as Hiromu wishes everybody a Merry Christmas
sorry that its late but this is the best episode ever so far