Jan 26, 2013

Mission 47

its time for Hiromu to conquer his fear of chickens

after Escape & Kuwagataroid appear Enter was calmed about his next step but as he said chicken to Hiromu he freezes the Busters had no choice but to retreat

then Hiromu though that he might have to get over his fear by doing some training which was a failure after he has reached over his limit & passed out so he thought of another approach to get over his fear

the Kuwagatazord appears so B.J. goes out & fights it by himself as the others fight Escape & Kuwagataroid while Enter watches as  the Kuwagataroid uses Hiromu's fear to his weakpoint the other attack him so the won't freeze then Kuwagataroid & Escape was defeated

as the Busters beats Enter B.J. realized that his pet was with him the whole time as everybody as heading back Enter was revived just as he tells them that Hiromu is his back-up as the 13th Messiah card is in Hiromu's right eye as long as he's there Enter can be immortal
wow that was a epic plot twist & i love Hiromu's training scene