Jan 8, 2013

Mission 44

its time for the climatic Christmas battle

after Escape crushes Enter Hiromu goes out to fight Zeta all by himself but in the end he got seriously injured and was rushed for medical help while everyone else is still fighting

at the hospital Hiromu was trying to leave but Nick stops him as Hiromu tells him that he has to shut down Messiah while Nick explains that he might get killed while showing Hiromu the music box and Hiromu began to cry

as Escape destroys the others Entan suddenly appears and helps out just as Escape infuse herself to Messiah and becomes Messiah Reboot which became impossible for the others to fight without Hiromu as he is going out there while Kuroki ask him to come out alive

as Messiah destroys the building Hiromu manages to save the others as the Busters vow to shut him down and save Christmas with GoBuster-Oh stabs Messiah really hard and destroys him as everybody at the EMC is happy and that everybody is alive

at the Children Center everybody is celebrating Christmas for the first time happy as snow falls on the ground while Enter comes back(avatars can cheat death) as its eye glows red as Hiromu wishes everybody a Merry Christmas
sorry that its late but this is the best episode ever so far