Apr 30, 2012

the meaning of "ger"

with Gokaiger the last season with the "ger" in the ending of its name i've always thought what does it mean? the "ger" would mean for ranger like Goranger or Power Rangers. since Zyuranger the"ger" trend began with the exception of Gingaman & Go Go Five. though that was established since Hurricaneger even in Akibaranger when Nobuo fixes Mitsuki's way of saying "Boukenger" not "Bouken Ranger" i also learn that Hurricaneger's name came from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer stone (WTH) from the net movie i thought that Gai was cursing when they bleeped it :P

you can check it out for the answer
Net Movie 6

Apr 29, 2012

ready for Mission 11

so ep 10 ends & time to get ready for ep 11 with Ryuuji & Gorisaki :D

Mission 10

its already the tenth ep wow so let's start

the Busters were fighting the buglers while Nick is having his own problems  but Ryuuji was trying to cool down then he was already overheated & turns into a psycho again( at least he didn't hurt Hiromu or Yoko) Morishita tells Kuroki that some of the Enetron is stolen by Enter after Ryuuji defeats the buglers he's finally shut down

after Kuroki gives Yoko & Hiromu orders Nick ask him to attend an event for his sister Rika but Hiromu refuse because he doesn't want see her & since Rika hates Nick because of this though he's trying to reason him he's going alone(he can transform himself into bike mode)

Nick meets Rika again & she ask him if Hiromu is fighting he tries to reason her but only hurt words comes out & she blames him for trying to tear the family apart Enter install a virus on innocent people & made them zombies he also unleashed the Danganroid to get the  Deltanium 39

Hiromu sees Rika again after he told Nick not to Rika plea to Hiromu to stop fighting & to come home but Hiromu tells her that this is his choice to protect others he runs to face the Danganroid alone & to save the kid.

Hiromu at first was no match for the metaloid but he manages to beat him. when Rika saw the megazord she got scared & worries about Hiromu Nick tells her to have faith in Hiromu & to believe in him that he will survive & come back home someday he tells her that fighting is not tearing people apart but to bring them together Hiromu manages to save the kid in time before the megazord get the Deltanium 39

the Busters fought the megazord as GoBuster-Oh & shuts it down with the Dimension Crash which inspires Rika to draw a new picture

Hiromu & Nick went back to the park but Rika left but leaves her drawing book behind which Hiromu saw a picture of his family before the incident with Nick in the picture which made him happy that he's part of the family(why is he like an animal not a robot)
i like this ep its heart warming & good banzai!

Apr 28, 2012

ready for Akiba 5

ep 4 end & with ep 5 means more cosplay galore & going to Yumeria's house to meet her mother :D

Akiba 4

its time for the fourth ep & for a cosplay fashion show :D

Mitsuki tells Nobuo & Yumeria that she wont be transforming due to club activities which shocks them & Mitsuki tells them to stop having their allures & fantasies which is impossible(like staying away from beer)

while going on his delivery Nobuo notice that Maskman's Great Five toy is sold out(is that Gavan?) which makes him disappointment he later meets Sayaka again but fails at trying to talking to her.

Yumeria takes Nobuo to a cosplay shop to try out some costumes including Mele from Gekiranger until Nobuo makes fantasies of the girls including Marushina in different costumes from different sentais it make him go crazy XD

Monzen-Nakachō Hashibirokō appears to "purify" him(he looks like one of the Horoscopes in Fourze) Akiba Blue arrive but against her teammates Nobuo & Yumeria was shock to see her with the enemy

they were trying to get through Mitsuki but it didn't work but the real Akiba Blue arrived & it was actually Marushina in disguise the Akibarangers fought Monzen-Nakachō Hashibirokō & beats him & they were back in the cosplay shop.

later at the cafe Mitsuki came back to the team & Nobuo & Yumeria notice a keychain from Mitsuki's bag & they were really mad because she went to an event. a good ep plus a lot of cosplay galore :O 

Apr 26, 2012

情熱 ~We are brothers~ review

here's another single review :D this review is for the theme song use in Super Hero Taisen Jounetsu ~ We Are Brothers. performed by Hero Music All Stars making this the biggest collaboration of artists ever. it comes with the movie edit version & an instrumental. i love this song & its the best & beautiful that it would make me cry:) i would give this a 5/5 i would recommend it to those who haven't listen to it yet ^_^

We are brother by Manuel_Delgado_2
here's the beautiful pv

Te wo Tsunagou ~Matsuken x Kamen Rider Samba~review

here's a toku single review :D today's review is the theme song for Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals movie Te o Tsunagou ~Matsuken × Kamen Rider Samba~. performed by Matsudaira Ken with Watanabe Shu & Miura Ryosuke. this single comes with an instrumental & an orchestral version. i love this song because its lively & sweet with Ankh's rap in the mix. it also get alot of people to dance along & hold hands together :D so i would give this a 5/5 & i would recommend it Olé ^_^

live version with Gokaiger & Fourze :D

Apr 24, 2012

Happy birthday 一希

well today it's another toku actor's birthday :D today is for the man who portrayed as the smart but clumsy Gokai Green/Don "Doc" Dogoier,Shimizu Kazuki want to wish him a happy birthday ^_^ 誕生日おめでとう一希 :D

Apr 22, 2012

ready for Akiba 4

ep 3 ends its time for ep 4 with two Akiba Blue?

ready for Mission 10

it's already their 10th mission & Rika returns to see Hiromu

Mission 9

it's time for a rabbit rescue!

Yoko & Usada just had their fight & Yoko took her anger out by eating alot of snacks(no cavities or weight gain :O) while Usada is rolling out of the helicopter.

then two doormen ask the rabbit to get on the trolley but instead going to the car to get hijacked. the kidnappers ask for the ransom of 2,000 tons of Enetron for the release of Usada(RHUL-03)

not helping Hiromu

let's go back to what the fight was about ok? apparently Usada is upset that Yoko is not studying enough & she has bad grades he blames Hiromu & Ryuuji for not helping her with her homework(she's 16 after all so she has lessons) while everyone else is scared when Yoko arrived
Enter was talking to Messiah about the Buster Machine design he stole while Messiah's anger grow more
the Busters are given a mission to rescue Usada they find him but was approached by Enter the Busters retreated while Usada is still with Enter
Enter appears on the screen & tell the city about his demands while Usada is hanging from the building with a bomb attached to him.

the Busters devised a plan to rescue Usada using Morishita & Miho as a distraction in disguise while Yoko tries to save Usada before the bomb explodes but Enter unleashes two megazords to destroy the city so Nick & Gorisaki tries to fight without Hiromu & Ryuuji.

 Enter realize that the Enetron was nothing but water & he notice Usada so he speed up the timer but it was too late Usada was destroyed but luckily it survived

thanks to plan b the Busters tells Enter that there are not only three but everyone is a part of the team Yoko reunites with Usada(touching :D) Enter went on a violent rampage but retreats so the Busters fight the two Megazords without using GoBuster-Oh instead they use the animal modes & CB-01 Buster Ace to shut them down

 Usada caught Kuroki's handwriting on Yoko's homework, Hiromu thinks that the disguise for Morishita was terrible & things are peaceful again(have others to do your homework by crying or begging)
that was a great ep centered around Yoko & Usada & hearing the new character song One Wish,One Day by the duet of Hiromu & Nick :)