Apr 28, 2012

Akiba 4

its time for the fourth ep & for a cosplay fashion show :D

Mitsuki tells Nobuo & Yumeria that she wont be transforming due to club activities which shocks them & Mitsuki tells them to stop having their allures & fantasies which is impossible(like staying away from beer)

while going on his delivery Nobuo notice that Maskman's Great Five toy is sold out(is that Gavan?) which makes him disappointment he later meets Sayaka again but fails at trying to talking to her.

Yumeria takes Nobuo to a cosplay shop to try out some costumes including Mele from Gekiranger until Nobuo makes fantasies of the girls including Marushina in different costumes from different sentais it make him go crazy XD

Monzen-Nakachō Hashibirokō appears to "purify" him(he looks like one of the Horoscopes in Fourze) Akiba Blue arrive but against her teammates Nobuo & Yumeria was shock to see her with the enemy

they were trying to get through Mitsuki but it didn't work but the real Akiba Blue arrived & it was actually Marushina in disguise the Akibarangers fought Monzen-Nakachō Hashibirokō & beats him & they were back in the cosplay shop.

later at the cafe Mitsuki came back to the team & Nobuo & Yumeria notice a keychain from Mitsuki's bag & they were really mad because she went to an event. a good ep plus a lot of cosplay galore :O