Apr 29, 2012

Mission 10

its already the tenth ep wow so let's start

the Busters were fighting the buglers while Nick is having his own problems  but Ryuuji was trying to cool down then he was already overheated & turns into a psycho again( at least he didn't hurt Hiromu or Yoko) Morishita tells Kuroki that some of the Enetron is stolen by Enter after Ryuuji defeats the buglers he's finally shut down

after Kuroki gives Yoko & Hiromu orders Nick ask him to attend an event for his sister Rika but Hiromu refuse because he doesn't want see her & since Rika hates Nick because of this though he's trying to reason him he's going alone(he can transform himself into bike mode)

Nick meets Rika again & she ask him if Hiromu is fighting he tries to reason her but only hurt words comes out & she blames him for trying to tear the family apart Enter install a virus on innocent people & made them zombies he also unleashed the Danganroid to get the  Deltanium 39

Hiromu sees Rika again after he told Nick not to Rika plea to Hiromu to stop fighting & to come home but Hiromu tells her that this is his choice to protect others he runs to face the Danganroid alone & to save the kid.

Hiromu at first was no match for the metaloid but he manages to beat him. when Rika saw the megazord she got scared & worries about Hiromu Nick tells her to have faith in Hiromu & to believe in him that he will survive & come back home someday he tells her that fighting is not tearing people apart but to bring them together Hiromu manages to save the kid in time before the megazord get the Deltanium 39

the Busters fought the megazord as GoBuster-Oh & shuts it down with the Dimension Crash which inspires Rika to draw a new picture

Hiromu & Nick went back to the park but Rika left but leaves her drawing book behind which Hiromu saw a picture of his family before the incident with Nick in the picture which made him happy that he's part of the family(why is he like an animal not a robot)
i like this ep its heart warming & good banzai!