May 6, 2012

Mission 11

it's time for busters ep 11 ready...? go!

the Go-Busters was fighting Enter with Ryuuji having a safety device that Gorisaki made for him in case he's overheating but it was a distraction for Ryuuji while Enter discovers Ryuuji's weakpoint & he retreats for now

Gorisaki was depress because the device causes a distraction & Hiromu & Yoko made bad comments about it Ryuuji tells him not to worry about it while Enter has a plan to use Ryuuji's weakpoint as a advantage

Gorisaki shows Ryuuji the device is fixed but it went haywire & burst ice at Ryuuji when Gorisaki saw the bond between Hiromu & Nick and Yoko & Usada it made him more sad

Nick & Gorisaki talked about Ryuuji & he tells him that he's jealous of Nick & Usada because of the closeness they have with their partner at a young age while Ryuuji is already 15 by the time Gorisaki met him

Enter unleashes Fanroid to fight the Go-busters while the Fanroid Zord comes to steal the Enetron from above which led CB-01 Go-Buster Ace a huge disadvantage

Ryuuji was fighting the Fanroid alone while the metaloid continues to blow the wind harder until Gorisaki comes in to protect Ryuuji even if it means going against Kuroki's orders Ryuuji manages to break the jet engine & beat the Fanroid however Gorisaki pass out from taking damage Ryuuji rush to his side while Gorisaki gives him his ice pack but Ryuuji ask him why would he do that & he's worried about Gorisaki which made him happy that Ryuuji is mad at him for the first time
the two made it on time to aid Ace by giving a boost to shutdown the megazord 

Ryuuji understood why Gorisaki did that & tells him that he cares about him & says that the device is a bit too much Gorisaki tells him many honest things including being an old man which made Ryuuji a little upset
i love this episode because of the bond between Ryuuji and Gorisaki :D