May 6, 2012

Akiba 5

it's time for ep 5 ✩ yellow mama

Yumeria (cosplay as an alien) takes Nobuo & Mitsuki to her house with her room filled with costumes, wigs and super sentai merchandises

Nobuo tells the girls that they have to keep their identities a secret from their families & tires to hide them in her closet but was filled with yaoi stuff he ask her if she has a boyfriend & imagines if she & Nobuo would be lovers

then her mother comes over who is also a cosplayer while she tells them that Yumeria is a cosplay name her real name is Yuuko so Yumeria hangs out with her mother & the others through out town while it was her 24th birthday Masako bought Yumeria a pink wig as a gift

Mitsuki & Nobuo notices that there are host clubs opening & saw Marushina & Kabukicho there so they have to fight them all by themselves
Masako & Yumeria was having a birthday dinner but Hakase calls Yumeria to help the others so she tells her mother that she has to go she arrives & tries to fight Kabukicho but was getting beating 

until her mother steps in to saves Yumeria & transform into Akiba Yellow & fights Marushina & Kabukicho while doing some Battle Fever dancing then she leaves the rest to the Akibarangers to beat the clerk

Yumeria thanked her mother & the delusion sends them back to her house she tells Nobuo & Mitsuki that her mother actually died in a traffic accident 5 years ago & says that this delusion was an opportunity to see her mother again they have the birthday party which the cake fell & lands on her face
Magi Red & Geki Blue
it was a great ep to learn more about Yumeria & her past :D