Jun 25, 2013

Brave 15 & 16

another Nossan episode :D

Nossan & Yuko were at work while he saw his old pal from high school Nakazato Hiroshi but he felt upset with a red aura around him meanwhile Ucchi fights Dogold but he got away worrying about Hiroshi Nossan decides to investigates

Nossan then told the others that they can't help him because Yuko becomes more suspicious about the others related to their secret so instead Ucchi was forced to help him out since Yuko hasn't met him yet Nossan went to the lab & discovers a robot called G-Bo but it was acting strange & it attacked Nossan while Hiroshi was watching Dogold convince him to use his anger more

the others came by to help out but G-Bo & the Deboss were in the way so Daigo uses Archenolon so that Nossan can go through & to stop Hiroshi from completing G-Bo for Dogold so that he has a body to have for himself

the reason for this was because that G-Bo couldn't come to life and it would be useless but Nossan told Hiroshi that G-Bo was there to help people which made him realize his mistake & tries to reverse the process

now that Nossan & Hiroshi made up he & Ucchi helps out the others to be the Debo & as it grew after that Yuko is mad at him for being trapped & left behind by Ucchi & that Hiroshi will continue to improve G-Bo as Nossan see his friends smile to him
now to 16 the case of Shiro's murder is solved

Candelira & the other Deboss were luring people with he song as the Kyoryugers were discussing about Deinosgrander but they had to stop the Deboss

During the fight Agiallon came to help but as Daigo was held hostage he notice the pendant looks similar to the jewel that Ian & Shiro was looking for 1 year ago as Agiallon reveals to be his murder which made Ian go on an rampage but Zaihoun trapped Amy,Daigo,& Ucchi to a wall which made the other 3 to retreat

at the Spirit Base the remaining 3 must find a way to save the others but Ian is left behind so he won't go crazy again Souji tells him that they will wait for him & gave him a pep talk before he left as the others try to keep the wall from crushing them

Ian came with the Deinosgrander but it's impossible to uses he tries to shoot it like he did before(ep 4) but he realize that's like Kentrospiker its a weapon so it created an armed on power up he manage to free the others & to beat the Debo while Souji retrieves the jewel from Agiallon & gave it to Ian

after it was defeated Ian examines the jewel & the pendant while Torin wonders what lies in store for them

these episodes were awesome & sorry for the late review ._.