Jun 4, 2013

Brave 13 & 14

somebody has a thing for Souji

one morning Souji & Ucchi were having practice until a girl came in to pick up Souji for school Katsuyama Rin though Daigo assume that she is his girlfriend after that Ucchi picks up a card what was for Souji just Ian plans to help her out

at school Rin's friend tells her to just tell Souji her feelings while Ian and Ucchi lures her out with her love card while she tells the two that she & Souji are friends since middle school so they help while the Debo Jakiriin tries to cut relationships to make them obsessive & possessive

Daigo & Nossan tries to fight  Jakiriin but it cut  the ties which made Daigo obsessive but Nossan finds a way by destroying parts of the scissors meanwhile Ian & Ucchi in disguises tries to make Rin say her feelings but the two got attack by Amy(unaware that it was Ian & Ucchi) to protect Souji but it made Rin assume that Amy is Souji's girlfriend 

Ian & Ucchi founded Rin as they try to explain that nothing is going on between Souji & Amy but it was worse but Souji tells her that he has became more open thanks to his friends but Jakiriin cut the bond & made Rin possessive

Jakiriin was lured out by two people who turned out to be Daigo & Nossan(King is a pretty woman XD) as Souji & the others fight Jakiriin the Debo grew big  with the debut of PteRaiden-Oh Western beat Jakiriin

Souji give Rin a present & tells her that Amy was taking Souji shopping for a gift to thank Rin for being his friend but he also gave a gift to the manager as well which made Rin upset & chases him too

on to 14 due to no screenshots again i have to review it like this
Gentle is upset with Amy due to her job as a Kyoryuger so he decided to have a Gentle Day to make her more ladylike while Chaos tells Luckyuro that he needs to be more evil with the help from Kibishiidesu with that Luckyuro founded out to target the Spirit Base but needs the Gaburevolver to get access while Amy is at a tea ceremony with the help from Ucchi but Kibishiidesu saw her laziness & got mad so he kidnapped her Luckyuro got her Gaburevolver & got to the Spirit Base but founded the latest issue of Shoujo Comics so the others tries to get Luckyuro out but it has a bomb to destroy the base meanwhile Gentle explains his reason to be strict to Amy for her own benefits as Ucchi saves her from Kibishiidesu & they manage to get the bomb out of the base & the Kyoryugers beats Kibishiidesu after that Amy goes back to her lazy self

these episodes are funny & fun to watch