May 1, 2013

Brave 9 & 10

let's learn about Dogold and Kyoru Gold

Torin talks to the Kyoryugers about Pteragordon & little about Kyoru Gold but Dogold comes to cause trouble as he calls out Pteragordon to attack

as Torin fights Dogold to avenge Gold while the other generals thought up of new ideas for a monster to create Torin is close to get hurt by Dogold but was saved by Daigo

Pteragordon arrived as Daigo,Ian and Nossan fights the PteRaiden-Oh but Chaos tells Dogold to retreat for now as  a new monster Cambrima arrives meanwhile Souji & Amy were out to look for any civilians

at the Base Daigo was treated as Torin explains who is Kyoru Gold with his name to be Utsusemimaru  who was a samurai during the Sengoku period it then the Deboss attacks & was about to execute Torin but Utsusemimaru sacrifices himself to save him as the three came to see Dogold & Cambrima as they show them that Souji & Amy has been kidnapped so the Kyoryugers fights Dogold & Cambrima

at the fight Dogold's face cracks & it shows a human face which happens to be Utsusemimaru as he is confused & fill with anger a he is controlled by Dogold
Kyoru Gold debuts

starts where it left off as Utsusemimaru was still confused to what had happen but Chaos told him to retreat & the mask was fixed so the three needs to find away to save Utsusemimaru,Souji & Amy while Daigo goes out somewhere to figure out how to beat Dogold

meanwhile Souji & Amy tries to figure out how to escape as they saw Dogold but it was Utsusemimaru telling them to get out Amy then tells Souji a secret that she can uses her feet to use a remote control she uses her feet to free Souji

Daigo visits Souji's father to seek help on how to beat Dogold as he ask Daigo how is Souji while he & Amy flees

at the field Kyoryuzin fights Pteragordon while the Kyoryugers fight the Deboss knights as Ramirez was summon to help Torin out to get Utsusemimaru back to normal when its a success he was free from Dogold

with that Utsusemimaru fights as Kyoru Gold キタ――(゜∀゜)――!!with that Pteragordon is back to normal to fight Cambrima & its defeated

everyone is glad that Utsusemimaru is joining the team but he refuse as he sees Daigo which reminds him of his lord & walks in to the sunset
Utsusemimaru is awesome!! can't to see what he has in stores