May 12, 2013

Brave 11 & 12

Due to the fact that i didn't get screen shots for ep 11 i 'll do the review from there
after Utsusemimaru refuse to join the team it was up to Amy to find him meanwhile Candelira uses a human disguise to make men fall for her by having their bones extracted by  Debo Honenukkii after Amy founded Utsusemimaru he reveals his true self to her a kind man but after his lord last words was kindness can be used by the Deboss as a weapon so he has to put up the cocky attitude so he ask her to keep this a secret in exchange to help get use to the modern time Candelira got Nossan & eventually Daigo,Ian and even Souji(OMG) so it was up to Amy & Ucchi to save them with the two beat Debo Honenukkii & free the boys from the spell as the Kyoryugers beat the Debo Amy is happy to see the real Ucchi while keeping it a secret from the others while they feel bad after what happen
on to ep12 can Ucchi join the team?!

while everybody was cheering for Toshi Ucchi saws them but almost showed his true self after what Amy taught him to be serious not nice

Debo Tangosekku came to capture Toshi while the Kyoryugers tries to save him but the Debo sent Daigo & Ucchi back in time to the Sengoku era where he saw Toshi & the other boys dressed as samurais & starting to attack the two

at the Base the others tries to find a way to save Daigo & Ucchi as Amy reveals Ucchi's true self to the others after Torin knew about it meanwhile Ucchi was treating Daigo while giving a medicine that makes him sleepy as Ucchi tries to deal with it by himself but Daigo goes & help him while telling Ucchi that he's not a lord but himself Ucchi realize that & now the two works together to free Toshi & the others

while the others & Gabutyra waits for the two to come back when they were greeted Amy apologizes since now everyone knew but Ucchi is now part of the team as the six fights Tangosekku & beats it

along with that  its also the debut of Raiden Kyoryuzin to beat Tangosekku after that Ucchi did some stuff for everybody except for Ian while Ucchi is happy that he can be himself
these are a good episodes i love the way the boys acted fanboy for Candelira