Apr 10, 2013

Brave 7

Daigo is in a pinch while the others deal with insults

at the Spirit Base Daigo made a cute drawing of everybody including the Deboss & Ramirez while Ian ask him if he can borrow Daigo's pendant to exam it while Daigo forgot his bag back at Gabutyra's island from ep 1(took 6 episodes to figure it out) while Ian examines the pendant he spotted a debo Debo Yakigonte with Dogold at his side the others came to help but the debo retreats while it makes clones of the four Kyoryugers

with the fakes makes insults to the other the four began to fight each other over the insults which gave Dogold the advantage

as Dogold fights the four Kyoryugers Daigo got in a pinch when mead Chaos as he's was tied by him luckily Torin came in to save him as Chaos & Torin had a mini battle Daigo was transport back to see the others fighting

while Ian tells him that it was Daigo's fault & he destroys the pendant while insulting him with the real Ian was held hostage however Daigo thought that he was right to the point of crying which made Debo Yakigonte mad & the real Ian gave Daigo the real pendant while Daigo is the Idiot King 

as the Kyoryugers beat Debo Yakigonte & it grew big  Kyoryuzin fights while use the Ovirappoo zyudenchi to fight Debo Yakigonte & it was defeated while the zyudenryuu Pteragordon flew by

as everybody is relived with what happen & they know about what their worries Chaos presented Dogold with Pteragordon's zyudenchi with the Deboss marking on it
can't wait to see Pteragordon soon