Mar 30, 2013

Brave 5 & 6

its time for someone to go to the dentist

the Kyoryugers was testing the batteries' power while Ian teases Souji even calling him "Green Boy" Torin reunites with a man Ramirez  while Souji is fed up with Ian's attitude meanwhile Chevalier of Joy Candelira gets picked with Debo Batissier to make cakes for the people to gain happiness while an unknown force is possessing him to cause trouble

the Kyoryugers saw the citizen in pain by cavities caused by Debo Batissier while Candelira didn't know about it so Souji & Ian fights the Debo but they were fighting again the Debo escapes while a Zyudenryu appears along with Torin & Ramirez Torin tells them that Ramirez is a Kyoryuger as well from the past as Ramirez tells them about his partner Ankydon but it was in a rampage

Torin tells them that there were 5 other Kyoryugers including Ramirez #7 but they are lost somewhere but Souji is upset at Ian from the fight with the Debo earlier while Ramirez tries to calm the two when Ian saw the rocks go past him he tells Ian that he'll handle the Debo by himself near  the dentist Daigo concludes that Ramirez is a ghost & that Ian saw it too that's why he offers to help him out while Souji realizes his mistake

Ian finds Debo Batissier when it was posses again & fights but he was hit & got cavities it until Souji arrives to save him & apologize for what he said earlier the Kyoryugers did the roll call despite Ian having his cavities

the two work together to beat the Debo but it grew big so Kyoryuzin came in Torin tells Ian & Souji that they can use the Goren Zyuden Sword to beat the monster

 Ramirez tells them that he is a spirit  the Debo was defeated & Ankydon came but a new Debo is with it controlling it as well while the Debo & Ankydon leaves & Ramirez sadden by this
on the 6th there's singing involve

after what happen in the last episode Ramirez tells them about Debo Virusun while Candelira thought of an idea of singing a song with the help from Debo Virusun

while everybody was looking for Ankydon Amy went back to base & overhears the conversation between Ramirez & Torin about Ankydon as she is worried about Ramirez so she decides to take him outside as Candelira sing her song

as the two talk for a bit Debo Virusun came in to attack when they hear the song from afar as Amy must find a way to stop the song & free Ankydon from Debo Virusun's control

when Amy & Ramirez  found Candelira she stops her song & Ankydon comes out so Amy goes inside of him using Toperanda battery to make it easy for her to slip into Ankydon Debo Virusun finds Amy & tries to fight it so she thought to use the Stymero battery to make Debo Virusun fall in love with her Ramirez manages to call Ankydon & free it 

the Kyoryugers fought Debo Virusun & was defeated by Amy but it grew big so Ramirez offers to help them as thanks & transform to Kyoru Cyan & with AnkydonDricera, & Gabutyra to create Kyoryuzin Macho to beat the Debo after that Ramirez thanks the Kyoryugers as he departs  to the sky while Chaos holds another battery #6
Ramirez is awesome hope to see him again