Mar 20, 2013

Brave 4

ahahaha oh you are the PLAYBOY

helping out the cafe the Kyoryugers saw the playboy again when Daigo ask him if he missed a shot before while the playboy remembers his tragic memory when saw the hood Deboss he goes after it the others came to help but Debo Doronboss fled

when Torin tells the others that they have to use the Kentrospiker to beat Debo Doronboss but it was gone because the playboy took(from the last ep) Daigo recognized his identity as Ian Yorkland since he heard the same line from the cafe as Ian leaves the base

Daigo founds Ian & gets him to tell him about his past as he was an archaeologist while his friend Minfune Shiro was a treasure hunter the two was look for the rare jewel but was attacked by Debo Doronboss as Ian missed a shot that caused Shiro to get killed but was saved by Parasagun & Torin which made be a Kyoryuger out of revenge

the other Kyoryugers was out fighting the Debo Doronboss & the two knights but was no match until Ian realize that Daigo's words came through him & comes to officially joins the team with 5 Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is complete as they fight Debo Doronboss & they can use the Kentrospiker to beat it

Debo Doronboss grew & now Parasagun along with Gabutyra & Zakutor to create Kyoryuzin Western ye-haw to beat Debo Doronboss & for Ian to get his revenge for Shiro

with money & gems falls from the sky Ian swore to protect his new friends while Aigallon remembers what happen at the castle as he's the real murder of Shiro while looking at the gem that Ian & Shiro was looking for
the episode is ok & now the team is complete