Mar 10, 2013

Brave 3

go green ranger go(oops wrong show)

at the Tiger Boy Daigo made an Australian dish then the high school boy named Souji came in Amy is wondering about the boy since he never smiles until his dad came in to drag him out while Souji resents his father the Zorimas & Debo Rouyarouya  attack the city though his father fought the Zorimas but Souji has to hide to be Kyoru Green

Debo Rouyarouya attacks the Kyoryugers & Chevalier of Fury Dogold appears to help Debo Rouyarouya out to capture sports people while Kyoru Green is mad at Daigo for what happen during the fight so Daigo suggests that he & Green should have a duel

as the two have the duel Daigo won which made Green reveal his identity Rippuukan Souji his reason to be a Kyoryuger is out of defiance from his father later Daigo & Amy visits his father & explains because his way of thoughts caused Souji's mother to leave him

the Debo Rouyarouya came back & capture Souji's father & Daigo to trap them in a cage as Souji has second thoughts about his father & goes out to save him with his own fighting style with his family style he saved his father & he made him proud with Souji now part of the team they beat Debo Rouyarouya but grew so Zakutor come to help to fuse with Kyoryuzin to make Kyoryuzin Stegotchi Zakutor to beat the Debo

Souji reconciles with his father & thanks Daigo for helping him while at base the playboy makes a remark about the group
Souji is a badass with a sword its so amazing to watch