Mar 3, 2013

Brave 2

the debut of Kyoryuzin

the other Kyoryugers were spying on Daigo to see if hes a good person while Nobuharu & Amy deal with their personal lives as they still try to hide that from Daigo

the two meet Daigo at the museum while making a dinosaur for the kids while two told him a little bit about themselves they got attacked by Debo Peshango & giant Zorimas just Daigo fights Debo Peshango by himself

until Kyoru Green & Kyoru Black came in to help along with Amy Chevalier of Sorrow Aigallon came to fight but retreats it was until Debo Peshango destroys the statue with made Nobuharu's family in sorrow 

at the Spirit Base Daigo see Blue & Pink as she reveals her identity to him to be Amy while she explains that she a strong & rough girl despite being wealthy & Gentle doesn't know that while Nobuharu reveals his identity as he though that his family is his weakness when he saw Rika hurt but his sister Yuko pushed him away the next day the kids were remaking the dinosaur though Nobuharu ask Daigo why is he remaking it so he visit Nobuharu's partner Stegotchi in the arctic to explain that Nobuharu saved Rika's life even Rika remembers the blue hero so Nobuharu didn't believe in his own strength

Debo Peshango came back to destroy the statue as Rika tries to protect it before Nobuharu saves her apologize that he destroy the statue as Rika & Gentle saw the three transform to Kyoryuger the three fought with the other two came in Debo Peshango was defeated

Chevalier of Joy CandeliraEmissary of Enjoyment Luckyuro came to make the Debo grow so Daigo, Nobuharu & Amy uses Gabutyra,Stegotchi,& Dricera to form Kyoryuzin to beat the Debo with a victory

the next day Daigo thought of using Gabutyra as a statue while Nobuharu & Amy realize why Daigo is called "King "while the high school boy looks on
Kyoryuzin is amazing & Kyoryuger is awesome so far