Feb 3, 2013

Mission 48

what can Hiromu do?

after Enter reveals that Hiromu is his back-up & the 13th card is in Hiromu's body Enter is now immortal as
long as Hiromu is alive which cause a major problem for Hiromu

as everybody else is worry about Hiromu just as he did his training then Yoko came to check up on Hiromu to see how he is but Hiromu tells her not to worry about it meanwhile Escape founded Enter as she knows about his intentions & threaten to hurt him but he tells her to not to fret about it

at the EMC Masato tries to figure out how to get the card out of Hiromu without harming him but he can't think as he has his own problems as well with his data in card 07 Hiromu however goes out to fight Enter but everyone else told not to but he tells them that he will be ok

at the top of the building Hiromu & Enter have their duel just the others meet Escape all cover in animal skins as she is reset again Yoko & Ryuuji thinks that she must be shut down at once just as absorbs too much organics to be like her papa which caused her to fuse with her megazord

after the Busters finally beats Escape Ryuuji goes over to see her dissolve as she ask him if she made papa proud Ryuuji replied with a yes & with a smile on her face Escape fades away(rest in peace Escape) the others join Hiromu

at the duel Hiromu & Enter fought really hard but Hiromu plans to sacrifice himself with a explosion everybody thought that Hiromu is gone but he was saved by Enter as he tells him that his collection of Hiromu's data is complete & now he knows everything about him as he said "Let's Morphin"
this episode is awesome & the face change creeps me out just 2 episodes left