Dec 23, 2012

Mission 43

its Christmas time for the Busters

as everybody is getting ready for Christmas Enter however has other plans to ruin Christmas & the day of the incident has arrived

the trio visits a children's center to help setting up for the part a teacher Kawai Namie thanked them for helping them with this part while Ryuuji thought Namie might looks familiar to him meanwhile Kentateroid was unleashed & tries to cause trouble for Christmas

as the Busters fight Kentateroid but the trio however got some their power sucked away which is anger Escape & Enter appears in black Santa costumes to fight them back at the base a megazord is coming its way as Kuroki remember the good times of Christmas

as the megazord arrives Ryuuji & Yoko takes care of it while Hiromu fights the Kentateroid but Enter appears and tells him everything & what the metaroid can do he ask Hiromu why cant he give up as Nick plays the music box & sings Jingle bells(out of nowhere) for support & determination

after Hiromu beats the Kentateroid Enter holds two cards but Escape appears with Zeta & tells Enter goodbye as she cruses him to data with the cards absorbs to Zeta which makes her more powerful than ever
good episode & no new episode next week until 1/6/2013