Dec 15, 2012

Mission 42

let's take a ride on a choo choo train

the Busters fight the Densharoid 2 as it tries to catch them but Yoko got an idea & she attacks it  from above & destroys it just as a megazord came in to attack while Enter founded a messiah card & used it to on the megazord called the Megazordroid 

meanwhile around the city the people becomes depress as the train picks them up to gather data on their weakness just as Yoko pushed into the train with a student as there was a an, a woman, and a kid inside the train as well just before Hiromu and Ryuuji arrived to stop the train

as Masato came in worrying about Yoko while the others have already thought up a plan to lure the megazord out by using Miho as bait so meanwhile Yoko tries to cheer the passengers up

as she sings them a song to cheer them up the megazord detected the happiness at it came for Miho while Buster Hercules is out waiting for it as well Hiromu & Ryuuji came in to the train but was stopped by Enter & Escape just as Yoko ran out of energy

but the passengers gave her bread to eat & thank her for cheering them up meanwhile Hiromu & Enter fight s Enter reveals a lot of things to Hiromu(which was 2 episodes ago) just as Buster Hercules fought the megazord not only just the data of weakness but the overcome of their weakness

as new megazord appears Megazord Zeta piloted by Escape but the fight was short as everyone now wonder has Messiah evolved even more because of the cards
its a good episode surprise that Hiromu finally notices about Enter had the card inside of him