Dec 8, 2012

Mission 41

let's meet the Phantom Thief Pink Buster?!

the trio was sent out to an art collector because a messiah card was founded the man refuse to give them the statue suddenly Hiromu saw a mysterious woman with pink hair as she attacks them & leaves with the messiah card with a message stated her name Mystery Thief Pink Buster

as Hiromu catches her but Buglars came for the card so he protects her & she makes a get away later as he was standing a woman walk to her card holding the messiah card just as that to happen as the trio tries to find a way to get the card from her

as the trio went back trio the art collector to get the statue again the Louperoid appears for the statue just as Hiromu saw Pink Buster again but as she removes her sunglasses to reveal to be the woman with the card named Saotome Reika as she takes Hiromu's morpher & toys with him to help her steal something as Masato & B.J. appears to stop the Louperoid(while being distracted by the beetle painting)

later by the jewelry store Hiromu & Reika were looking around for things for her to steal at night Hiromu ask Reika why she likes to steal its because she likes the thrill since she doesn't like the high lifestyle & she steals from the bad people as the Louperoid came she was actually luring Hiromu to the metaroid because of her mistake as the two fight together against the buglars

meanwhile Masato & B.J. uses Buster Hercules to fight the Loupezord while the trio fought the Louperoid as they shut them down as Reika ran off 

at the EMC Hiromu got a calling from Reika about her next theft even though she promised him not to steal anymore while reading the letter Reika wants one thing & it's Hiromu's heart as she won't stop until she gets it as everybody now tease him for this while Hiromu deny it
good filler episode Reika reminds me of Catwoman & since is Hiromu is good with the ladies