Dec 1, 2012

Mission 40

let's learn the truth about Masato's body

after learning about the condition of the subdimension the trio also wonders about Masato meanwhile B.J. talks to him about the seasons while Masato tells him his report however Escape made Parabolaloid 2 so she can search for the cards

there was a megazord approaching but the trio manages to beat it as the Parabolaroid found the card it was fused to him but also as the trio fights it B.J. is protecting it for no reason the metaroid made a get away thanks to B.J. which made the trio confuse

as Kuroki talks to Masato about this dilemma B.J. tries to get the card but Escape is not pleas with this but Enter stops her as he reveals that Messiah is within him which made her shock about this

as the fight escalates the trio arrives as they prepare to shoot but B.J. stops them as they ask why as B.J. explains that the card hold some of Masato's data 13 years ago half of his body was assimilated but the rest was not

Masato demands B.J to bring him to the real world he tells the trio to shoot the metaroid but B.J. protests & as the two fought which made B.J. threatening to shoot Masato just t protect him as he explains what he wants to do on Earth with the real Masato not an avatar Masato then kicks him & tells him that he'll come back someday with the two made up but  Enter shows up & then thanks Masato for the data as he transform to a new form Enter Unite & pulls the Messiah card out of Parabolaroid 2 with his new power he fought the Busters & then  leaves with the card containing Masato's data with that the metaroid was normal but was defeated by the Busters

after that Yoko wonders if their parents have back-ups as well but Masato had to reply with a possibly as they also remark of how B.J. is protective of Masato
good episode Enter's new form somewhat scares me a little