Nov 3, 2012

Mission 36

buddyroids goes on strike?!

Escape terrorize the city so she can the Busters in their power customs while the buddyroids went to maintenance after Escape retreats the buddyroids thought that they need a break so they ask the trio to go to the hot springs but the trio decline if they hadn't had their maintenance as Usada got upset while in the warehouse everybody is working on Rai-Oh but Gorisaki & Usada got ignored which made Usada more mad even Gorisaki when Ryuuji is busy with Rai-Oh leaving B.J. on the floor asking for enetron so the buddyroids hold a meeting while B.J came in uninvited with Nick thinking of a plan to stop this foolishness with the buddyroids told the trio their demands they refused & tells them to stop this which made them more mad so B.J. suggested that they go on strike

while a Messiah card has hit a bulldozer to make Bulldozeroid the trio is still amaze with Rai-Oh while seeing the buddyroids on strike as the enetron were detected & the metaroid were detected as well Yoko made a harsh remark with caused GorisakiUsada to steal the controller while Nick has to fix this mess

as the Busters fights the Bulldozeroid the trio try to use the Power Customs but with Gorisaki & Usada refused to go even Hiromu believing that Nick had joined them with the megazord approached Rai-Oh was put on standby with Usada saying that its high & mighty but Nick proves them wrong about Rai-Oh & Nick feel that connection & that Rai-Oh feels lonely since its creator passed away while the buddyroids are grateful to have partners with the controller said about Ryuuji heating & Yoko's "battery" the two got worry so they ended the strike & goes help their partners

as the Busters were about to be defeated the buddyroids appear to save the day as Usada & Gorisaki apologize for thier behavior as they help the trio trans form to their Power Custom as Escape appears to fight Ryuuji with his power as the two fought it ends with Ryuuji using his finishing move on Escape which made her retreat as Hiromu & Yoko destroy the Bulldozeroid with their finishing moves

as the megazord appears Rai-Oh appears while combined with GT-02 & Rh-03 to create Go-Buster Lioh with its finishing move Ignition Tornado to beat the Bulldozerzord after the fight Ryuuji & Yoko apologizes for neglecting Gorisaki & Usada as the two accepted Rai-Oh as its friend while Nick is upset of the fact that he can't combine with Rai-Oh & for what Usada & Gorisaki put him through
good episode & like the Go-Buster Lioh