Oct 6, 2012

Mission 32

it's Go-Busters & Gavan part 2

Morishita was given a recap about the Makuu space as it is not related to the Subdimension but as he got a harsh feedback from Hiromu the trio got into a fight with their buddyroids while B.J. is demanding for some enetron outside as Geki is thinking can he trust them

as the Busters & Gavan surrounded & fought Rhino Doubler B.J. stopped because he was out of enetron which gave Rhino Doubler a chance to escape & Masato very mad at him while B.J. is calm about it

as Morishita overheard what Geki said about the Busters trust for their supports and that their teamwork is unreliable for Geki to count on them while Rhino Doubler meets Enter & he helps Rhino Doubler with his plan as Morishita feels upset about what Geki said about them as Miho ask him about their next plan to communicate through the Makuu space again but Morishita feels that Geki should handle it as Miho gave him a pep talk Morishita heads to the Dimensional Research Center to get some help

as Rhino Doubler appeared to stopped them by sending them to Makuu space as the EMC got  an alert as Geki & the Busters go to fight Rhino Doubler as Miho wonders about Morishita's whereabouts as Morishita & the other scientists are at Makuu space

as the Busters & Gavan got sent to Makuu space they encounter Enter the fight lead across Makuu as Ryuuji & Yoko founded Morishita & the others as they help them escape

as Morishita manages to communicate the EMC at Makuu space the Busters can now use the transport to fight Rhino Doubler as Geki uses his Gavan Dynamic (Gavan Buster Dynamic) to beat but Enter uses the corpse to make it grow & to fuse the Makuu power with the Subdimension so the Busters uses Great Go-Buster to fight it but Doubler was powerful so Geki summons Dol Dragon to assist the Busters as the Busters shutdown Rhino Doubler

as Geki & Shelly leaves Earth they thank the Busters for their help as they leave while Hiromu & Yoko owe Morishita for getting them out of the mess while they didn't notice that he was gone(poor Morishita) as everyone heads back to the EMC
a good crossover i want to see the Gavan movie :)