Aug 12, 2012

Mission 25

it's obon & let's learn more about the avatars

it starts with Masato telling a scary story which Yoko,Miho & the buddyroids scared while Ryuuji was talking to Kuroki about Masato's avatar & why is he taking the image from 13 years ago later Enter & Escape was having a talk while she unleash Rousouroid to cause nightmares in people's dreams

as the trio came to fight the metaroid but i use its flame to send them to their dream world which have different nightmares a giant chicken,zombies,and a ghost from Masato's story just as Escape orders it to destroy them but luckily Masato & B.J. arrived to fight but the Rousouroid escapes & everyone else is awake while Hiromu is remained frozen

back at the base the metaroid plans to turn the images of the dreams into reality which made Ryuuji wonder about Masato & his avatar as to why is he using that appearance from 13 years ago & what happen to the real Masato in the subdimension Ryuuji wants Masato to tell him the truth just as the EMC located the Rousouroid to a tv station where its going to make the people suffer in their nightmares

so while Yoko, Masato & B.J. fight the Rousouroid Ryuuji fight Escape & tries to make her spill about the avatars & what images did Messiah uses to make them but she won't budge so she leaves but Ryuuji decides to purposely make himself overheat to fight her while the Rousourzord & the bug zords appear but luckily Hiromu(finally unfrozen)comes to help & handle the megazords

as the three beats the Rousouroid & Masato helps out Hiromu Ryuuji's brutal fight with Escape is close to a finish as he was about to use the Special Buster on her but when she saw Goku damage she decides to leave & tells Ryuuji that they should do it again just as he passed out from overheat meanwhile Masato beats the megazord

so the Busters have fireworks while Hiromu told Ryuuji that he heard what Ryuuji & Kuroki was talking about as everyone enjoys fireworks at sunset
its a good episode the first time Ryuuji overheats himself on purpose & i wonder how many times that Hiromu freeze throughout the show?